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How Idioms Can Make Your Writing More Compelling

An idiom is a figure of expression and speech that defines something distinct than an actual translation of the words would lead the reader to believe. For instance, “it’s raining cats and dogs” is a common figurative expression in English, but it’s not meant to be taken precisely: Domestic pets are not falling from the sky! Instead, it’s interesting to say that it’s raining extremely hard outside.

Author Fred Engh’s popular idioms and phrases book America’s Top 30 Idioms and Their Origins is one of the best resources for studying American idioms in simple English. Readers will get to learn idioms along with the history of their origins. So, give this book a read!

So, have you considered how idioms can make one’s writing interesting? Using simple methods, you can use them properly and highlight idioms in a specific portion of a scene to make your narrative compelling. For example, in a plot where the brother didn’t wish to speak to his sister, the storytelling phrases could be some in which a related idiom can be perfectly expressed to keep the story going. This blog post presents meaningful tips for using idioms in your creative writing:

Idioms Add Intrigue to Your Writing

Idioms define thoughts in a manner that’s spontaneous, impressive, fun, or memorable. If we look at the example above and carefully examine the phrase, “He didn’t wish to speak to his sister, but still he did anyway.” That’s direct and to the point. An idiom is intended to add the essence of intrigue, pack a punch and leave behind a persistent impression.

Possibly, after the sister picked up his call and listened to her brother’s voice, she thought, “This will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.” This is a pretty imaginative manner of saying she’d already tolerated too much from his side, and this phone call would exceed her threshold for enduring him any longer.

Idioms Have a Unique Way of Highlighting a Character’s Personality

American idioms Pdf depicts that if you’ve intended to develop a story with an eccentric lead character, it might be relatively simple to say, “She was silly.” We frequently use the term “silly” in our daily language. However, to express an idiom and say she was “as mad as a hatter” is more striking.

And, if somebody suspects your character of being “mad as a hatter,” she can reply with something catchy along the lines of, “Now, isn’t this the pot calling the kettle black?” Cervantes initially used this phrase in his popular book Don Quixote.

Idioms Make Amusing Banter

According to the American English idioms book, idioms play a major role in incorporating amusing and entertaining conversations between conflicting characters or vigorous frenemies. A bit of conversation banter can pack a verbal punch for two grappling individuals – it can be serious or playful.

For example, if one character gives an eye roll and says, “Lady, you can build a storm in a teacup,” she’s saying she’s excessively dramatic. This can make a much more imaginative read than, “Girl, you’re too dramatic.”

Idioms Can Easily be extended throughout the Narrative

Most popular idioms have a way of striking back at a strong idiom that perfectly resonates; consider mentioning it in the story as it goes further. With Cervantes’ example, to say somebody is the pot calling the kettle black is a way to say they’re deceitful.

If one burglar were to address another burglar dishonestly, that would be the pot calling the kettle black. So, if insincerity is a common denominator for either of the characters, you would want to tie your beginning idiom into a last point in the story.

Then finally, the same two characters would face off later on and, as one of them eventually walks away, they could state, “People who reside in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” This idiom also directs to a component of insincerity and hypocrisy.

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