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How Employee Monitoring Software Safeguards Your Company’s Data

With the ever-changing work atmosphere due to advancements in technologies, keeping your data secure has become more essential. Employee Monitoring Software, other than keeping a log of your employees’ performance levels also keep your confidential data protected.     

Why is Data Security Important in Today’s Work Environment?

Due to the advancements in technology, new devices and complex applications with more features continue taking over the market. However, this also makes keeping the data secure from the prying eyes challenging, since it has become easier to perform data security breaches. 

Hackers and other frauds are finding better methods to steal data and sell it to third parties. Other than that, you need to also be aware of insider threats. Thus, it is more important than ever to implement strict measures for data security.   

What is Employee Monitoring Software?

Software for tracking employees are specific solution packages, which monitor your employees’ performance levels in real-time. These tools also have various features to boost the focus, efficiency, and productivity of your employees. Furthermore, you can also integrate the solution with other tools for added functionality. 

  • It takes timely screenshots, helping you identify the working patterns of your employees.
  • It can track the URLs, files, activities, and application usage of your staff.
  • It can help your employees optimize time and task management.

However, the most important benefit these software provide is data security. The next section covers how it does that.   

How Does Employee Monitoring Software Keep Your Data Secure?

Employee trackers other than monitoring and tracking your employees’ performance also protect your data. These are the features you get for the same. 

Encrypting Data

Tools for monitoring employees provide end-to-end encryption of your organization’s sensitive data. This adds a layer of security, which saves from hackers and other frauds, who may want to breach the data log when the transfer is in process.

Access Security

Another good feature of employee trackers is access level security. Administrators can set different access permissions for the various levels of the hierarchy in your organization. For instance, employees cannot access management-level information.  

Detects Insider Threats

Thanks to behavior analytics through machine learning, these tools can also detect insider threats, helping you take disciplinary action. You can also get screenshot-backed reports for further investigations. 

Security Integration

What’s great about employee trackers is the easy integration feature. The software can integrate with any tool for added functionality. Thus, you can integrate the application with a firewall or other security app to protect your sensitive data.  

Other than that the software for tracking time enforces endpoint security, DLP policies, activity logging, remote data wiping, real-time alerts, and adherence monitoring to keep your essential data secure.  


In the ever-changing work atmosphere where data security is a priority, productivity monitoring software is the no.1 solution for companies who want to protect their data. These are applications, which monitor the work performance and productivity levels of your employees with various comprehensive features. However, they also offer functionalities including security integrations, and encryption to prevent data security threats. Looking for the best software that monitors employees while keeping your data secure? We recommend DeskTrack, which provides cloud-level security.     

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