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How do you keep speed on a longboard?

Are you among those who are looking for fun going snowboarding and skiing in the winter? But what should you do after a meal? Of course, there are other sports you can enjoy such as golf, soccer or baseball. Thus, when winter is over many hikers and skis choose to go longer. It is not surprising to note that snowboarding, skateboarding, and longboarding share the same DNA.

Man and Woman Fast on Longboards

Pete Connolly held the Guinness World Record for being the fastest man on the longboard, riding at a speed of 91.17 miles per hour. This record was discovered last September 2017 in Quebec, Canada. On the other hand, Emily Pross is the first woman in the world to go over 80 mph on a longboard.

But, why were their long planks able to move so fast? Well, it all depends on the capacity of your board and your ability as a rider.

How to make Longboard go faster

There are many factors that affect the speed of the electric longboard. Your ability to pump and push the board also affects your speed. . But most importantly your climbing style and the beauty of your longboard.

How do you improve your riding habits? How do you improve the speed of the longboard? Read more to find out.

Raise your bearings.

There are several things to consider when buying a new pair of banks. These include high altitude, load carrying, patience, and speed. Its plastic cage, curvature, and rubber seals should also be carefully selected.

Choose larger wheels.

Larger wheels allow your board to cover a considerable distance, even if you run at the same speed as the board with smaller wheels. In other words, the big wheels keep you running fast using the same amount of power.

Which wheel is right for the durometer when climbing on a flat surface? If you are looking to ride on steep terrain, choose wheels with a hardness of about 82A durometer. If you are taller than bumpy surfaces, then choose wheels with a soft 75A to 78A durometer. Soft wheels help ensure better grip on hollow areas.

Loosen your ice cream nuts.

Axle nuts are very strong that keep your wheels spinning properly. Again, your longboard will not be able to rotate faster than you expected it to. Therefore, try to loosen the nuts a little so that your wheels can rotate faster again. Is it dangerous to loosen peanut butter? Be careful not to overdo it. Otherwise, these will come off the axle and throw you off the board.

Longboard Riding Tips to Help You Increase Speed

Know the “tuck” method.

Experienced border bends as they climb the board. This act of bending is also called “tuck”. This is done to reduce airflow. Tucking allows you to cut and air well.

But how do you bend down without losing your balance? Place both your front foot in the dish, next to the front truck. Your hind leg should be kept upright while performing tiptoeing at the same time. Your hands should be behind you as you continue to bend your knees.

Your chest should be as close to your knees as possible. Note that there should be no air pockets open. Doing the tuck correctly will help ensure that you significantly reduce your body’s air pressure. This technology can help you accelerate up to 50 mph.

Is there another way to climb aerodynamically? Beginners who find it difficult to hold on as they go down may choose to simply bend their hips, as if on the ground. This stop will also make you go faster because you will be lowering your gravity position. In addition, bending over helps you gain stability as you strive for faster running.

Avoid scratching the side.

If you keep pushing from side to side, your board will not be able to run in a straight line. This increases your distance and slows you down. So, as far as you can, maintain a straight line as you climb your longboard as fast as you can.

Don’t go pushing the mongo.

Multiplication of pushing will help you speed up. Do this several times before heading to the beach. Then lean the deck using your front foot. Is it okay to push with my front foot? Know that pushing should be done with your back foot. Do not go pushing the mongo, that is, pushing with your front foot. Your toes should be pointing in the direction you are going.

Tame speed wobbles.

Speed ​​wobbles will prove to be a major obstacle to going fast. But is it possible to reverse a hurricane? Yes, it is. Another way to stop speeding is to dry your trucks. You can also lower the corners of the truck in order to stop shaking. Be aware that it only lifts, but does not completely eliminate the custom board.

But why am I experiencing speed wobbles? Trembling occurs when you lean far back. This puts a lot of weight on the back truck as you run and run. It also reduces your control over the front truck. To address this, practice leaning forward so that your gravity level is also lowered. Push your weight closer to the front truck so that you can significantly reduce the chance of swaying.

Learn to stop and run fast.

Not knowing how to stop when you are running fast can seriously affect your ability to go fast. You tend to be hesitant to run when you know you are having a hard time suddenly stopping. This presents a great hurdle to speeding up the process.

Therefore, you should learn the skills of standing even when running and running. Foot brakes, carving, and sliding are some of the ways to stop or lower your board. It would be wise to practice all these skills. Just don’t forget to check the safety when you do.

Once you have mastered the brakes or stops, then the sky is the limit in terms of acceleration.

Wear appropriate gear.

Wearing the right gear ensures complete protection during your long journey one big confidence boost. If you know you can’t hurt you can confidently hurry. Make sure you wear a yellow hat, as well as your knees and elbows.

Full face hats with fairings are designed to have an aerodynamic chance. Consider buying one of these if you are serious about speedboarding. You can also invest in good gloves to make sure your hands are also protected especially if you are doing the Coleman slide while standing.

An absolute

Knowing a number of stopping techniques, as well as improving your climbing skills can be very helpful in being able to run on a longboard. But, all of this can be seen as useless if your longboard is not coming to work. So, again consider raising your board. Then, go ahead and be the next Pete Connolly!

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