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How do you grow Instagram followers?

How do you grow Instagram followers?

Growing Instagram followers is the dream of every Instagrammer, whether influencer or business. Even personal accounts want to grow their followers’ base more and more. 

The importance of Instagram followers cannot be denied, which is why many tend to buy Instagram followers to increase their credibility and brand personality. 

Instagram followers can be grown in two ways; one by optimizing your Instagram profile and the other by investing some amount to increase the reach of your account and advertisement. 

Instagram followers are important for many reasons. Your profile looks more reliable and credible with a good deal of followers, and the business has an impactful potential to acquire a brand personality with many followers. 

Businesses on Instagram

Businesses on Instagram follow every way to get more and more followers, which is not the right way. First, all you need to do is be patient. Yes, patience is important. To grow things organically, you need to wait for a little for the best results. 

Here is a complete guide to growing your followers on Instagram. Follow these strategies to grow followers on your profile. If you religiously follow these strategies, chances are you will get better reach, better engagement, more followers, and more customers. 

Work on Your Profile:

The first thing that people see is your profile. So, better to start from your profile. Your profile has the four most important things.

  1. Profile Image
  2. Profile Name
  3. Bio
  4. Story Highlights

Profile Image 

The profile image is a photo that you put as your display picture on Instagram. It represents your business. Therefore, having a high-quality profile image is pivotal to getting more followers. 

People will not feel attracted to your business profile if your profile photo does not inspire them. Use a profile photo that is captivating and shows the credibility of your business. 

If your business belongs to a baby fabric, you cannot put a photo of ice cream as a profile image. You need to remain specific in your selection of profile images.

The profile image should be high-resolution. It should have large pixels and be round in shape. Therefore, choose an image with such dimensions that do fit in the round space. 

Name of the Profile:

Try to choose a name that looks good on your profile. It should be impactful and not too different from your business or name. Try to use the name of your business as your username. You can modify it a little bit by trying some alternatives. 

Suppose your business is Hi-Premium Robes. If you cannot use the username as @hipremiumrobes because the name is already taken, you can use @hipremiumrobesofficial or something else. 

Do not give a dull and spooky look to your username. It must reflect the actual name of your business. 


A bio is a brief phrase or sentence that explicitly tells about your business’s nature. It should be catchy and self-explanatory. It should express the nature of your business. 

It should be devoid of high verbosity or subtle expressions. It needs to be easy, simple, and brief. It must be understandable and without any jargon.

In the bio, it is one of the best practices to add a link to your official website. It increases your credibility and trust. It makes your profile look more professional.

Story Highlights:

Story highlights are saved stories that your followers or profile visitors can see anytime. You should add highlights that can introduce your business in a much more effective way. 

You can put different stories under one title by classifying them, i.e., FAQs, Services and Products, Reviews/Feedback, Recommendations, Foreign Trips, etc. 

Story highlights are a great way to showcase your business and make it a part of your profile. Do not forget to add all basic information in your story highlight.  

Content Optimization:

To grow followers on Instagram, you need to optimize your content. Content optimization brings four basic points into consideration:

  1. Quality of the content
  2. The optimal time for posting 
  3. Posting content consistently
  4. Use of appealing captions

Quality of the content:

There is no alternative to quality content. If you work a lot on your Instagram profile, you will never get good follower growth if you do not post rich, organic content.

To design quality content, it is important to understand your specific goal and determine the motive. If you have not specified your goals, do that first. 

Quality can be ensured by incorporating all that you promise. There should be no difference between what you showcase and what you sell. Do not compromise quality with quantity.

Optimal Time of Posting:

Suppose you have worked hard to draft a speech on a very subtle subject. You prepared it well and practiced all night, but at the time of the speech, you are speaking, but no one is listening. You are addressing the listeners who are either busy with something else or not active. 

What would you do? You will wait for them to be active and listen because you put much work into your speech. 

Thus, there are certain optimal times for posting. Check Instagram insights to understand when your audience is most active. Learn the optimal time for posting content on Instagram so that when you upload your content, your audience is active to respond and engage. 


Once Aristotle said, “consistency is the rarest of all the qualities in human beings,” Therefore, success is also rare, and failure is more common. 

It is acceptable to fail and learn from experiences but failing from not striving can be bad. Therefore, strive and post your content consistently.

One best practice is keeping a content calendar and scheduling your post. It will not halt your consistent posting; thus, your content can still be uploaded when you are having fun on the beach on a rainy day.

Use of Captions:

One of the most undermined points is the use of captions. It is the least emphasized yet most important point after the quality of the content. Captions, in style, briefly tell what the content is about.

Captions must be optimized so that your content can also rank on other search engines. Use captions that are engaging and can captivate the viewer’s attention.

Investing in Instagram:

Another way to grow your Instagram followers is by investing some money. It helps you grow your business on Instagram with the help of ads and growth services. 

You can invest in Instagram in three ways:

  1. Instagram ads
  2. Hiring Social Media Manager
  3. Getting Promotional/Growth Services

Instagram ads:

Instagram has a great feature of advertisement. You invest some amount, select your target audience, specify it more by narrowing down your credentials and proceed to boost one of your posts.

There are different ways of posting ads on Instagram; photo, video, and IGTV (in a few countries). Instagram has several types of ads that work with different CTAs. 

Hiring Social Media Manager:

You can hire a social media manager to post and manage your content. Invest a little and get your social media manager. Various online sources provide social media managers. 

You can pay them and get services of scheduling and posting content and staying on it for engagement.

Getting Growth Services:

Various service providers claim to get organic and real followers for your Instagram profile. They do it by accessing your account, increasing its visibility and presence, and supplementing its reach. 

You can get more followers with high reach and a high engagement rate. There are several frauds and scams, so beware of the right service you get. 

Concluding Thought:

You can grow your Instagram followers in two different ways. One is slow, and the other is fast. The first method mentioned above is optimizing your profile and creating quality content. It ensures the organic reach of your account and brings long-term benefits.

The other method is a little faster and easier, i.e., investing a few dollars and getting a social media manager or growth service. You can also use the Instagram Ads feature, a more reliable way to increase your growth. 

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