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How Do You Authenticate A NFL Jersey?

Since the NFL switched from Reebok to Nike as its sponsor, markets for purchasing NFL jerseys are flooded with knockoffs. Even though fake jerseys are less expensive than real jerseys, you can tell the difference easily. Knowing what to look for will help you understand what you are purchasing. And here in this guide, we will help you find how you can authenticate your sports memorabilia. A few things stand out in the authenticate and knockoff jerseys and let’s know about them. 

Check On The Front Neckline 

The NFL emblem on the front neckline is the key distinguishing feature between an authentic and fake NFL jersey. Nike created this patch with a rubber material that is challenging to imitate on purpose, and it appears that no copycat has been able to duplicate it. Look at this tag on a potential jersey before continuing. NFL licensed products have their different identification, so a textile NFL logo will presumably be put into replica jerseys. If you find that it is not made of thin rubber, it is not a Nike authentic jersey.

Site For The Jersey Size Print 

On the back of genuine jerseys, the jersey sizes are printed inside the neckline. This is one of the major differences in your NFL memorabilia. Nike placed the sizing on the collar rather than a tag that might scrape against your neck. Depending on the type of jersey you want, the collar will either have the size printed or embroidered.

Price Tag 

Another simple method for distinguishing a fake from an actual NFL memorabilia is by looking at the Nike price tag. The tags on every Nike NFL jersey are identical. However, the tag features a black exterior with an interior image of a football field. If you find the tag a little bit different, it is probably a knockoff jersey. 

Name And Number On Jersey

Before purchasing a jersey, you might need to conduct an additional study regarding the name and number sewing. Each team’s name bars and numbering have unique fonts, cuts, and colors. Knowing the font and cut used by your team may prevent you from purchasing a fake. The name bars and numbers on players’ game jerseys are stitched, but many genuine Nike jerseys only have vinyl. This reduces them to nonetheless legit. 

Check Bubbles In The Name And Number Tag 

Note how the name bars are stitched or heat-pressed into the jersey. In addition, it makes a difference. Nike has produced three different levels of jerseys: Game, Limited, and Elite.

Nike has patched the name bars and numbers directly onto the game and limited jerseys. To do so, they have used fabric, not silicon or plastic. The silicon vinyl used for the elite jerseys is heat-pressed onto the garment. So, their sound is no air bubbles in the name and numbers. They should be straight. So, if there are any bubbles in the name tag, it is probably a knock of not an authentic jersey. 

Price Range 

Each of the three grades ( Game, Limited, and Elite)of genuine Nike NFL jerseys has advantages and disadvantages, which can help you distinguish between the two. 

The Game jersey is the most expensive, which retails for about $250. Game jerseys look identical to the professionals’ jerseys on the field. The second-most expensive option, Limited jerseys, cost around $135 and provide a jersey with the same appearance as the Elite, but with different fabric and wearing characteristics.

These are some of the popular options for football fans. Three of these jersey types are good to keep and less expensive. For football enthusiasts who enjoy watching the game but don’t feel the need to wear a game jersey, these jerseys make up the best options. The Nike elite jerseys are the least expensive original NFL memorabilia and have some noticeable cosmetic modifications, primarily the heat-pressed name bar and numbers 100.

Is There Any Reason To Buy A Knockoff Jersey?

Knockoff jerseys are less expensive than authentic jerseys. The sports fans, who don’t want to go for the expensive option but are die-hard fans of their favorite sports star, knockoff jerseys make for a possible option for them. Also, saving money by purchasing a knockoff may be a good idea, but you will have to neglect some key features. Most of the fake jerseys stand out, so there will be someone who will notice that your jersey is fake. Be sure and certain when searching for jerseys on marketplaces, and research before making any purchases, as sometimes the only worth is going for the quality, not the money. Even if you buy a knockoff jersey, it will still cost so much money. 

Is, There Any Other Things That You Can Consider? 

Yes, there are still some things that you can consider apart from these points, like:

Manufacturing Country- 

If you’re close enough to see the collar tag, which says “Made in China,” you don’t have to worry about going further. Drop that jersey there and look for another one because neither Nike nor Reebok has ever manufactured a jersey in China.  

Look Closely To The Number- 

As mentioned, the sewed number should look smooth, “settled-in,” and flat, not wrinkled like bed sheets. Additionally, they must be matte, not shiny. In addition, the numbers should be big enough to cover most of the front of the jersey. 

Wrapping Up!

NFL fans have a natural inclination toward NFL sports memorabilia. Whether an authentic NFL jersey is just the uniform that professional football players wear while playing means a lot to NFL fans.  

The Nike Elite is the closest jersey available. Thus it is what every fan desires. So what is the problem? Nothing if you have $325 to spend at NFL Shop. It’s unsurprising that so many of us also think about fake products, given that the typical NFL fan considers $300 expensive. To be clear, while it may seem appealing to purchase fan jerseys to save hundreds of dollars, doing so may cost you more in the long run. So, it’s better to go for something genuine.

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