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Workspace Amenities: Which Ones Do Occupiers Expect In A Flexible Coworking Space?

Flexible coworking spaces have become increasingly popular in recent years, offering a flexible and dynamic alternative to traditional office spaces. These spaces provide a shared working environment for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners, allowing them to work in a professional setting without the high cost of renting a private office. However, in order to attract and retain tenants, coworking spaces must offer a range of amenities that meet the needs and expectations of their occupiers. In this blog, we will explore the top workspace amenities that occupiers expect in a flexible coworking space.

Flexible Work Hours

One of the most significant advantages of a coworking space is the flexibility it provides for occupiers to work when it suits them. Unlike traditional offices, most coworking facilities like offer 24/7 access, allowing occupiers to work outside of traditional business hours. This flexibility allows you to choose when you start/end your work, which can be particularly beneficial for those with family or other commitments. Flexibility in work schedules in the long term can also drive employee happiness and wellbeing

Flexible Work Locations

With coworking spaces you get to choose where you work. Many coworking spaces operate from multiple locations, allowing occupiers to work in different spaces depending on their needs. This is particularly useful for those who travel frequently or work with clients in different locations. 

Flexible Workspace Configurations

Another advantage of coworking spaces is the flexibility these offer in terms of workspace configurations. Coworking spaces typically provide a range of workspace options, from hot desks to private offices, allowing you to choose the workspace that best suits their needs. For example, those who require a quiet space to work on a specific project may prefer a private office, while those who need to collaborate with team members may prefer a shared workspace.

Flexible Networking Opportunities

Coworking also presents the opportunity to network and collaborate with others in a flexible and dynamic environment. Coworking operators like WorkWise often host networking events and social activities, allowing occupiers to meet and connect with others in their industry. This can drive learning in communities from same industries which can then lead to new collaborations and possible partnerships that can be rewarding for your business. 

Flexible Amenities

Amenities in such spaces are provided based entirely for the occupiers’ convenience. These amenities can include high-speed internet connectivity, conference rooms, printing and copying facilities, gaming and refreshment, daycare facility, infirmary, gym, and many more. These well-thought-out resources provide flexibility to work in a professional setting without the need to invest in expensive equipment or services.

Flexible Lease Terms

One of the most sought-after advantages of a coworking space is its renting model. Unlike traditional office spaces, coworking spaces typically offer flexible lease terms, allowing occupiers to rent a workspace for as little as a day or as long as a year. This flexibility can be particularly beneficial for those who require a workspace for a specific project or for startups with a small team and budget. 

What do occupiers benefit from flexibility?

Employees and employers across the world are now embracing hybrid work because of the flexibility it offers. To experience a work-from-home-like environment, occupiers look for office spaces where they can get comfort to roll out maximum output. Comfort for users here means, not only belonging from a community but also essentials resources that are available in shared offices. Among the many perks of such flexible spaces, the freedom of choice is a gamechanger. Since coworking offers both employees and employers to choose the workspace setup they need, coworkers themselves can also decide to work on their terms. It’s like if it’s a Monday and you need motivation to finish up the projects on your table, you can work from a hotdesk that day instead of the usual pod that you generally work from. All you have to do is check the availability and if there’s any, then book it for the day. There are many more of such amenities that people make the most in flexible workspaces that matters more than what we make of them:

A parking lot

It’s very much self-explanatory; parking lot problems when taking place every day can pile up to causing a lot of stress. Such issues can really tire you out, especially in the morning hours, or just before a client meeting, and be a buzzkill for the rest of the day. 

Open cafeteria

Easy accessibility of healthy refreshments during break hours in the day provides a relaxed work experience. This doesn’t have to be a fine-dining experience, but just a hot cup of tea/coffee recharges you up throughout the day and takes care of your health as you work. 

Scanning and printing 

Another significant amenity for employees in a flex space is to have contactless scanning and printing facilities. Even if we are advancing to digital and paperless methods, the use of scanning and printing will always remain a need. So, just make sure that the flexible workspace you choose offers suitable hardware and software for scanning and printing throughout the day for easy management.

Security & Accessibility

When considering flexibility for office occupiers, no employee would enjoy working in a place with no physical security. Coworkers feel safe working in a space that is physically secured with CCTV cameras, lockable storage, secure, members-only access cards, etc. Some business centres in Kolkata like Zioks also use visitor management software for easy supervision and handling of front desk, security, check-in and access.

In conclusion, flexibility is the cornerstone of coworking spaces. These shared working environments provide you with the best of flexibility you need to work in a professional setting without the need to rent an office or build it from scratch. Flexibility that extends to every facet of your work and workspace is what coworking is all about. This is especially helpful whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or small business owner, a coworking space can provide you with the flexibility and support you need to thrive.

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