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How Do I Get Better at Blockudoku?

One of the most popular block games online for commutes, boredom, or just plain enjoyment is Blockudoku. Within minutes of starting this puzzle, you can lose sight of time. Would it not be fantastic to know how to improve your score and complete more levels if you’ve been wondering how to get better at this puzzle game? Here are some incredibly quick and simple ways to become better at Blockudoku.

1.  Take it slow

Although it may be tempting, destroying different shapes as quickly as possible could lower your score and impede your advancement. Instead of eliminating various shapes as soon as they appear, think about how you might deliberately work on more in fewer movements. Instead of getting rid of various shapes in various steps, take your time, scan the board, and see if there are superior moves that can demolish more in fewer moves. Since you won’t be caught off guard as quickly as you would be with hurried moves, you’ll be able to enjoy the game longer. As you go cautiously, keep in mind that flexibility is more beneficial than focusing on a single area in your quest to improve your scores. For instance, it would be ideal to mix things up rather than focus on a specific location or shape because it helps to create a lot of room.

2.  Focus on the game

You must also exert more effort to earn more points in this game. As you do this, keep your eyes and mind open. As a result, you ought to give it your full attention rather than focusing on a specific area of the grid. Limiting your expectations to only a few particular areas won’t be as clear as they should be. So be flexible.

3.  Avoid guessing as much as you can

If you make assumptions, you’ll probably exhaust your options before you reach a milestone. Focus on a specific task and move forward one step at a time rather than haphazardly. For instance, your fun will be brief if you’re breaking lines and boxes to earn the bonus since you risk quickly running out of space. For instance, a smart hack ensures you leave space for the enormous 3X3 block pieces. This guarantees that you have enough movements to advance and improve your score.

4.  Keep the board clean

Are you constructing a wall while awaiting the ideal convergence? You should not make that rookie error. You should be destroying, not creating. Finding the ideal combination will slow down gaming and cause you to run out of moves before achieving a respectable score. You have more moves and space if you try to arrange the available pieces in positions that help demolish rather than create. Keep the board neat by working inward from the edges, ensuring there is enough room for additional blocks along the way.

5.  Try to clear as many multiple lines as you can

Try to arrange your blocks so you can finish several lines at once, whenever possible. Doing so will increase your score and free up more space on the scoreboard.

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