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How Chatbots Can Enhance the Cybersecurity of Your Business?

Chatbots offer tons of advantages which is why many businesses are adopting this technology. Whether it is delivering customer support, enhancing the customer experience, boosting customer engagement, collecting customer data, boosting website conversions or generating leads, chatbot offers a cost effective and highly efficient way to achieve all this and much more.  Despite all these advantages, most articles you find online will tell you that these virtual agents have security risks and will advise you against it.

AI powered chatbots can help you address many cybersecurity issues faced by both remote and on-site workers. With the majority of employees working remotely, cybersecurity leaders should shift their focus on cybersecurity threats that their remote employees might be facing. Chatbots can help them overcome these cybersecurity threats too without slowing the business down.

Security teams can also use chatbots to hold their remote workers accountable for their actions and ensure that security policies are followed. It also gives you oversight into suspicious activities or when your data is being accessed offsite. In this article, you will learn about six ways in which chatbots can boost your business cybersecurity.

It is imperative for organizations to focus on securing their mobile apps in order to protect their sensitive data while mobile app development.

1.      Multi Factor Authentication

Most remote workers tend to use their own devices when working from home. This increases their security risk as these devices are not as secure as devices provided by companies. As a result, multi factor authentication becomes even more important for remote employees as compared to on site workers.

Multi factor authentication offers an extra layer of security which means that even if the hacker manages to steal, guess, or bypass your password, they will not be able access your account and data. Chatbots can be used to generate one-time passwords and tokens. By automating this process through chatbots, you can save a lot of money especially when you compare it with other methods and keep your employees safe at the same time.

2.      User Authorization

Chatbots can also be used to identify users and grant or deny permissions across different channels, networks, and applications. They can check whether the user is authorized or not. If the user is authorized, they can get the token which allows them to continue the login process. On the contrary, if the user is unauthorized, a token will be denied, preventing unauthorized users from logging in to the account. Professional mobile app development company create apps with security in mind. This way, your sensitive information stays safe and it also supports data privacy compliance.

3.      Security Awareness Training

Create a corporate culture that revolves around cybersecurity instead of the other way around. Focus on increasing cybersecurity awareness of your employees by organizing cybersecurity training. You can also design a chatbot to promote and educate cybersecurity best practices in a company especially when most of your workers are working from home. Training remote employees is much more difficult so you need to keep them engaged as they tend to lose focus more easily and quickly.

One thing that you should always keep in mind is that this activity should not disrupt current workflow. Use chatbots to send reminders and notifications about best cybersecurity practices. A short lesson accompanied with a quiz every day can make a world of difference to the cybersecurity awareness of your employees. You can also use chatbot alerts to warn employees when they breach security policies before penalizing them for their actions. Chatbots can also be used to alert users about the latest cybersecurity threats and latest security updates and patches.

4.      Secure Data in Transit

By using chatbots, you can make your communication secure. Moreover, you can protect your sensitive data in transit. Use chatbots capable of providing end to end encryption. This will give you the peace of mind when communicating over a phone, email or any other communication channel.

What’s more, you can even create a fully custom made chatbot that can destroy messages after a specified time period. This prevents sensitive information from getting accessed later. Such chatbots can be an ideal choice when you are sharing sensitive information such as social security numbers, bank account details or credit card details. When your data is encrypted, it is less likely to get stolen, abused or tempered by malicious actors.

5.      Identify and Resolve Security Issues Quickly

Cybersecurity teams are usually burned out because they are expected to work round the clock. The talent shortfall and increasing number of cybersecurity attacks makes their lives even more difficult. You can automate customer support and troubleshooting by using a chatbot. Not only can it answer user questions but can also guide users in how to troubleshoot and resolve technical issues step by step.

You can also use chatbots in a lesser capacity where they can alert your cybersecurity teams about issues by generating tickets. Similarly, they can also be used to alert IT teams about malicious behavior or cybersecurity attacks. This helps you to act immediately and minimize the damage done by cybersecurity attacks. If used correctly, these chatbots can help you resolve issues quickly and efficiently while saving you a lot of money in the process.

Tim Cook, Apple CEO once said, “If you put a key under the mat for the cops, a burglar can find it, too. If they know there’s a key hidden somewhere, they won’t stop until they find it.”

6.      Traceable Access Path

Gone are the days when you come to know about an unauthorized access attempt or dangerous cybersecurity attack targeting your business after the damage has been done. Today, thanks to chatbots, you can easily identify when there is a suspicious activity on your network that too in real time.

Apart from all these applications, chatbots can also be used to track down user’s activity and login attempts on your network. Closer regular inspection of this data can help businesses identify unauthorized access and malicious activity in less time than a human, which makes it more efficient and effective.

How do you use chatbots to beef up your business cybersecurity? Let us know in the comments section below.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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