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How Celebrities Enjoy Their Lives

If you’ve ever wondered how celebrities enjoy their lives, you’re not alone. The public is fascinated by celebrity life. Rockwell and Giles describe four phases of celebrity acceptance. They include: Being stalked, Living in a fish bowl, and Keeping it real. It is also important to realize that celebrities are just people like us.

Living in a fish bowl

A fish bowl is an environment where you cannot experience privacy and you have no way of hiding your identity. In the world of politics and entertainment, being a politician or a celebrity means living in a fish bowl where you are constantly scrutinized. Your every move is watched by the public and the slightest mistake can land you in the papers.

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Being stalked

While stalkers of public figures rarely have criminal intentions, they often have a psychological reason for seeking out the targets. These individuals are typically former intimates of the target, who are unable to deal with the end of the relationship. They are rarely part of the threat management units that deal with such cases, and instead, are interested in the public person’s personal life.

Although the rate of stalking is high in the general population, it is even higher for public figures. According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, three million people are stalked each year. Most stalkers are known to the victims. About ten percent of stalking victims report fear for their safety. Although stalking is not a new phenomenon, it has become a serious problem in recent years.

In the UK, stalking is a criminal offense. It is a repeating pattern of interfering with a person’s life. These acts may include communications, including mail and emails, and physical approaches. Some stalking cases last only for a couple of weeks, but some may continue for months.

Living modestly

While most celebrities live extravagant lifestyles, there are those who choose a more modest life. This includes Matthew McConaughey, who lives in a motorhome, John Krasinski, who owns a bachelor apartment, and Kesha, who lives in a modest bungalow. These celebrities are living a life that will help you to enjoy life more without breaking the bank.

Actress Christina Ricci, who is worth a reported $18 million, also lives a modest lifestyle. She purchased a two-story, 1,891 square foot townhouse in Brooklyn for $1,505,000, and later upgraded to a three-story, three-bedroom house for $3 million.

Even though Blake Lively and her husband Dax Shepard enjoy a modest lifestyle, they are not sacrificing their success for luxury. They live modestly with their two children, and they make most of their purchases with coupons. Leonardo DiCaprio is another example of a celebrity who lives modestly. He owns an island and expensive real estate, but he refused to purchase a private plane. He instead drives a Toyota Prius.

Keeping true to your roots

In an episode of Finding Your Roots, actress Tina Fey revealed that her great-great-great-grandfather came to America from England, accompanied by Benjamin Franklin. He was a textile manufacturer and later grew a quilting business. Franklin encouraged Hewson to come to America and worked with him.

Celebrities can learn more about their roots by watching Finding Your Roots, a popular PBS show that allows them to trace their family tree and discover their ancestors. The show features celebrities searching through their genealogy with Harvard professor Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., the first genealogist on TV. The show is now in its fifth season.

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