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How can you use Instagram marketing? A Guide

Instagram post frame and icons 3d render yellow background social media illustrationInstagram is the ideal platform to reach a massive audience of more than one billion users active each month. Instagram users spend 53 minutes an hour on Instagram, making the social network the 2nd most popular social network, following Facebook.

Instagram helps you maintain your connections with your clients and potential customers. It is a pleasure to connect with companies through this platform – 90 percent of users follow at least one brand on Instagram.

Another factor to consider is the possibility of selling on Instagram’s acceleration. Based on Facebook studies in 2019, 65percent of the people surveyed visited an app or website of a company after viewing them on Instagram. 46% of those interviewed made purchases from brands in person or online.

A large and diverse population that actively engages with brands and would like to buy from them is one of the significant benefits of Instagram marketing.

In the last few months, Instagram has evolved from a platform for showing off the wealth of others or showcasing achievements to an effective platform that can be used for business. Four ways Instagram can impact the company of your choice positively.

Brand strength

Instagram marketing is a great way to increase brand recognition. Eighty-three percent of users say that the social network has helped them discover new services or products. Additionally, users are more trusting of the brands featured on Instagram.

Seventy-four percent of users believe that companies with Instagram accounts are relevant, and 78% consider them popular. In contrast, companies that don’t have an Instagram account are more likely to be ignored by potential buyers.

Improved engagement

Social media are among the best ways to build connections with customers. They permit you to receive feedback from your followers via likes or comments, or messages, interact with them via engaging content, inform them about special promotions, etc.

In this way, Instagram works for customer engagement more effectively than other social media platforms. A typical post posted on Instagram has a 23 percent higher concentration than the same post on Facebook, even though the former platform has twice the number of active users.

Increased sales

We have a good idea that the Instagram audience is willing to purchase. The buying population is enormous. The number of purchases is staggering – 11 percent of the social media users in the US buy on Instagram.

Being aware of this particularity, Instagram lets businesses make the most of their platforms. Instagram has a broad array of tools that allow users to purchase items right through Instagram. There are links on Instagram Stories advertisements, shopping t, and others. Take a look at the entire Liston Instagram website. Instagram website.

Opportunities to increase the number of people who listen

Instagram helps increase your reach by letting you decide your desired viewers precisely. This is possible through the Instagram ads manager because of the options for targeting. By using them, you will be able to identify the best target audience based on demographic data and interests, behavior, and many more.

And even better, the Instagram ads manager provides the possibility of retargeting with various options. Targeted advertising and retargeting combined allow you to generate more qualified Instagram leads and push prospects from other channels efficiently down the sales funnel. You can also buy Instagram views with Mr.insta.

1. Set your goals

Create an Instagram marketing plan by setting your goals. These goals will guide every aspect of your work on Instagram, starting with defining your content format to using advertising techniques. Some of the most sought-after objectives that brands achieve by using Instagram include increasing awareness of their brand and reputation management, building communities, speeding up sales, gaining market and customer insight, etc.

Your goals must be in line with the needs of your business. If your business’s financial performance is better or worse, it is unlikely that you need to increase sales on Instagram. Concentrate on gaining clients or market insights instead.

You must ensure that your goals are precise and measurable, achievable, and time to increase efficiency. It could seem like, “We need to yield a 20% increase in sales through Instagram in 5 years.”

2. Define your target audience

Identifying your target audience is an important step. If you do not, all efforts to meet your business objectives will likely fail. One tip to follow is to develop a compelling Buyer Persona. Find out who your ideal customer is and their gender, age, and occupation, as well as their location as well as their income, and other details. The more you know about your clients, the better results you’ll get.

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid here is to create an imaginary character. Make use of a data-driven method instead of relying on guesswork. To learn more about potential customers, you can look into Instagram hashtags relevant to your company. For instance, if, for example, you have a marketing and event company, then you should look at hashtags such as #events, #events, or #eventstyling.

Have a look at the profiles with these hashtags. Try to find out more about the people who use these accounts. Consider what kinds of responses they post, what comments they leave, and the things they like and dislike about their profiles. Please look at our thorough guide for more information on creating customer profi and other strategies.

3. Study your competitors

To get your head around Instagram marketing, research your competitors’ profiles. Find out the names of their followers, what type of content they post, and how they engage with their users and other influencers or brands. You can also look up your competitors’ hashtags and branded hashtags to understand how well-known they are.

Make sure to concentrate not only on the most effective strategies but also on identifying the elements your competition isn’t focusing on. This will enable you to find innovative and unique strategies to promote your brand. Imagine that you’re marketing the practice of a psychologist on Instagram. Most doctors on Instagram upload static pictures that provide instructions for diagnosing psychological issues. So, to make yourself stand out, you should draw attention to your followers and post videos that feature fascinating psychological experiments.

Conducting research on competitors via Instagram is an exhausting task. It is possible to ease some stress by using social listening and CRM platforms. For example, Sprout Social can compose competitive research in an automated way. Check out our list of the top CRM software for more details.

4. Create a business bank account

Instagram gives its users two kinds of accounts: business and personal. This account comes with many advantages and possibilities. For example, you can monitor your performance in real-time and gain insight into your followers and their behavior, including details about your business.

Follow our step-by-step guide to changing to a business account. You can then come back here for some basic marketing suggestions for setting up your profile. Here are the following tips:

  • Create an excellent biography. Make a 150-character description of your company’s services, focusing on what is unique.
  • Make sure your profile picture is optimized. It should be clear and represent your company. It is possible to choose an image, but keep in mind that Instagram will display it as the size of a 110×110 pixels photo.
  • Links to your site. This is crucial to lead generation. The description of your profile is the only spot other than Stories in which you can include a link.
  • Utilize options for business. You can add categories, contact details, and CTAs for business use. Don’t overlook this chance to connect with clients.

5. Create your content

Content is the most important thing on social media, particularly on Instagram; the users are picky regarding both text and visual aspects. Therefore, Instagram offers many different content formats and ways to attract attention.

Begin by imagining your primary theme and the messages you intend to communicate. You can choose to showcase your products or focus on your company’s values, or even make your customers laugh.

The next stage is to choose what content formats you will use to achieve your objectives. You can use galleries, static images, short videos, and larger video formats using IGTV. Keep in mind that pictures get 27.55 percent higher likes than videos; however, both receive about the same number of comments. But, it may not work for you in the same way, so you should play with different formats and keep track of engagement stats.

6. Develop a consistent and consistent design

Whatever content you select, ensure that you keep it appealing, attractive, and quality. To help you understand the most effective visual aesthetic, we’ve set some of the most Instagram’s most popular Instagram photos:

  • Light tones are 24 percent greater likes than dark tones.
  • Images with blueish hues receive 29 percent more likes than those with red;
  • Users like photos with a good quality of texture, 79 percent more.

Don’t use this information in a rash manner. Remember that your visuals must be in line with your branding personality. It is possible to stick to your colors and guidelines. This will help you be recognized across all platforms.


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