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How Can I Tell If My Infant Has Digestive Issues?

Due to the fact that their bodies are still forming, babies are particularly vulnerable to catching numerous illnesses and disorders. Furthermore, because babies cannot vocally speak, it may be quite challenging to understand or spot any problems with the newborn. Gastrointestinal issues are one of the most frequent issues that newborns encounter, and pediatric gastroenterologists can typically address them without much difficulty. However, figuring out the issue is the biggest hurdle.

Here are a few indicators of newborn digestive issues suggested by the Top Pediatrician in Ahmedabad that you should watch out for:

Top Pediatrician in Ahmedabad


‍Infants frequently and naturally vomit a tiny bit of milk after eating, but vomiting can also signify a digestive issue. It is very advised to see your pediatrician right away, especially if the vomit is forceful and violent or if it is greenish or brownish in color. If you don’t have any pediatrician in contact then rush to a Children Hospital in Ahmedabad to find one.


‍The youngster may produce an excessive amount of digestive acids as a result of digestive issues, which might cause the infant to hiccup continuously. Abdominal discomfort is frequently present along with this, which the kid may not be able to vocally communicate but may scream over for the same reason. You should see your pediatrician if your child experiences persistent hiccups.

Having Trouble Breathing:

The child’s respiratory tract may get blocked as a result of the excessive acid level in the stomach. Digestive issues may induce symptoms like nasal congestion, labored breathing, etc. When the youngster is asleep or at night, these symptoms worsen.


Diarrhea is another typical sign of a digestive issue. Lack of fiber intake, a stomach illness, some drugs, and others can all cause constipation or diarrhea in children. If diarrhea persists, it is usually advisable to take your child to a children hospital in Ahmedabad.


‍Another sign of a digestive issue is acid reflux. Acid reflux can be caused by a number of things, including dietary sensitivities and sphincter muscle issues. It is advised to see a pediatrician to further investigate the issue if the condition persists. At Sneh Children Hospital, we combine medical know-how with cutting-edge infrastructure to give you and your kid the finest possible care. Hence, making us the best children hospital in Ahmedabad. Top pediatrician in Ahmedabad who are skilled at managing a variety of health conditions in children make up our diversified team of competent doctors.


During the first three to four months of life, some newborns experience the issue of colic. For parents, it may be extremely stressful and unpleasant. Colic is described by doctors as continuous or excessive weeping in a baby who is otherwise healthy. The weeping might linger for several hours a day and be quite loud. It is common for colic to begin around 3 weeks of life, peak around 6 weeks, and progressively subside by 3 months of age. Colic is unknown to have a cause. The following are some of the causes of colic in infants:

Adapting to Each Other

The changes that a new baby’s parents and child must make to one another may be related to colic. Of course, babies cannot speak. They use weeping as a means of communication with adults until they can speak. Parents must learn to analyze the causes of their baby’s weeping before deciding how to make the child happy. Baby is it hungry? Wet? Cold? Hot? Tired? Bored? These and other issues can cause a baby to scream, so parents must work through a process of trial and error to figure out what is stressing their baby out. Particularly new parents could struggle to understand their baby’s indications and know how to react.

Temperament and World Adjustment

Newborns must also adapt to the environment in which they are living. Different newborns have different temperaments. While some people can readily adapt to bright lights, loud noises, and all the other stimuli around them, others find it more difficult to do so. Similar to adults, some newborns are laid-back while others are impatient. An infant may use crying as a technique to express emotions while adjusting to the outside world. Babies have been seen to cry for a certain amount of time each day as they adjust to life and as their parents learn to recognise their needs.

Overly Gas Sensitive

Babies’ hypersensitivity to intestinal gas is another potential cause of excessive crying in young children. Some newborns may experience greater discomfort from the regular amount of gas produced during meal digestion than others. A newborn with colic may appear to pass more gas than other infants, but this is likely the result of the baby inhaling more air as they cry for longer periods of time.

If you find your newborn whining for a long time then it is advised to seek for a top pediatrician in Ahmedabad rather than ignoring whining.

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