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How Can I Get a Mainland License in Dubai? 

If you are planning to set up a business in Dubai, then a business license will be the first requirement. After you get a business license, you can easily start working towards the next step of actually getting your license.  A business license in Dubai or anywhere else around the globe is a document that helps you to validate your company as a legal organization. The main purpose of a mainland business license is to keep accountability for business activities and to ensure secure proceedings. To learn more about this process and how it works, we have written a detailed article on How Can I Get a Mainland License in Dubai. 

What Are the Benefits of Having a Mainland License in Dubai?  

The advantages of having a mainland license in Dubai are numerous and include both personal and business opportunities. A mainland business license allows you to trade with customers directly and provide services to the government without a local partner. A mainland company can also benefit from getting tax benefits, being eligible for investments, and more.

Having a company in the United Arab Emirates is a fantastic way to expand your business and open yourself up to new customers.  The UAE is known for its fast-paced economy, and many industries are expanding rapidly.  If you’re considering starting a business on the mainland, here are four reasons why you should do it here:

1. Freedom to trade across Dubai and in the UAE 

2. Greater scope for business activities

3. Ability to trade internationally and expand your presence

4. Freedom to grow your company and team

5. Ability to diversify your offerings

6. Ability to deal with the UAE governments

7. Ability to create a flexible startup

How Can I Get a Mainland License in Dubai: A Detailed Guide 

Step 1: Select a Business Activity

To start your own business in Dubai, you will need to choose a business activity that is allowed in the UAE. When you make this choice, you must consider whether the activity can be conducted in the region where you want to set up your business. 

Step 2: Find a local UAE partner or sponsor

An important step in obtaining a licence in Dubai is identifying and selecting a local UAE sponsor. You should be careful when choosing a sponsor because the wrong choice could ruin your business and make it tough to regulate it.

Step 3: Select a Legal Structure or Form

In Dubai and throughout the UAE, every sort of business will have a legal structure or form. The Department of Economic Development in Dubai implies that there is such a legal form or legal framework.

There are several types of business structures you can choose from, including:

  • Civil Company
  • Sole Proprietorship
  • Private Limited Company (PLC)
  • Limited liability company (LLC)
  • Public joint stock company (PJSC)
  • Single-family offices
  • Branches or regional headquarters

Step 4: Reserve a Trade Name

 Your business name is the identity of your business or company and also helps to attract customers. You must also secure a trade mark for your brand, which will help to distinguish between you and other similar businesses in the market.

When it comes to business names, make sure you’re clear and confident in your choice. You can’t afford to let your brand slip with a misspelled name or incorrect punctuation. Business setup consultants in Dubai can help you find the perfect brand name and even assist you with registering a trademark so that no one else can use it.

Step 5: Apply for an Initial Approval

To start your business in Dubai, you will have to submit all the necessary documents from a Department of Economic Development inspection. This includes a Business License, Business Plan and also other certifications as directed. After you have received your initial paperwork and have met all other requirements, apply for initial approval with the Department of Economic Development. Once approved, you can start your business with more confidence. 

Step 6: Get External Approvals

In the UAE, obtaining a business license protects your business from repercussions if uncovered during inspections. The main purpose of issuing a license is to ensure that the company has permission to do what it proposes to do, thus reducing the risks of legal action. Some businesses can need external permits from Dubai’s governments, municipalities, and other governing authorities.  For the business to obtain a licence, it must be adhered to by the commercial organisation.

Step 7: Acquire Documentation/Paperwork

The requirements of any additional paperwork or documentation to support your business setup in Dubai will vary according to company type and location. Depending on the specific needs of the client, company formation consultants in Dubai can take care of all your requirements. 

Step 8: Rent an office 

One of the biggest requirements for any business dealing with stateless natural persons is having its own office on rent in Dubai. There are also many other benefits that come with having one’s own office on rent such as ease of management and a more relaxed work culture 

Step 9: Make relevant payments

To obtain a business licence in Dubai and the UAE, you must pay the Department of Economic Development in Dubai as well as other administrative bodies. For your company licence, business setup consultants in Dubai can provide you with the most accurate information about regulations and requirements in the UAE. 

Step 10: Get Your business license in Dubai
Get Your Business License in Dubai and become a trusted business partner with various types of products and services. A business consultancy can guide you to choose the right company structure and answer any queries that you might have regarding company formation in Dubai. Their experts can help on choosing the right local partner and local service agent for you.

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