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Hot Indian Web Series To Experience Sensual Thrills

Seems like the Indian Censor Board have substantially accepted the truth of intimacy. 

And the proof is out there on many OTT platforms, including our all-time favourite Youtube.

There is something special about watching movies and web series alone, but the hot Indian web series that we picked for this piece of writing should only be enjoyed alone. Even though people don’t talk about them quite openly like other entertainment series, there is a lot of entertainment.

So get your earphones, turn the lights off, be alone, and enjoy the erotic entertainment!


Swara Bhaskar is proudly known to make headlines with her statements, but in her Amazon Prime web series, Rasbhari, she made a statement with brown hotness and her praise-worthy acting skills. The series is a perfect mix of hotness, fantasy, and suspense. Swara Bhaskar playing the role of an English teacher makes Rasbhari a must-watch for those who fantasize a lot.


There is one thing about hot Indian web series that we can’t get over; the titles! The word Mastram is enough to describe the naughty fun. The series follows a story of a writer struggling to get published but becomes famous when he enters the erotic genre. The stories that he writes are what different episodes of the series display. Many different fantasies and quite sensual scenes to take you for an intimately pleasing ride. Go watch Mastraam for free on MX Player.

Gandi Baat

Not just a title; literally, the multi-season web series keeps you hooked over its naughty Gandi Baats. It is an ALT Balaji original, and quite one of the very first web shows taking up the erotic genre. With most of its stories based in rural India, Gandi Baat episodes take you through stuff that is noticeably considered taboo. There are six seasons of the series and 24 episodes of sensuous and scintillating scenes that can ignite the fire in you.

Ragini MMS Returns

Say anything, but Ekta Kapoor knows what people love to see! From Saa-Bahu drama to the mixed dose of horror and hotness, she knows it really well. Ragini MMS Returns is studded with influential social media and television personalities. The hotness of the scenes can really tickle your hormones. This hot Indian web series is the third instalment. Even posters can make you feel the level of Haute things the series has to serve. You know where to log in for Ragini MMS Returns; ALT Balaji.


We are not making you ULLU, and ULLU knows what to produce!! ULLU is an OTT platform quite different from all other OTTs. Like ALT Balaji, there are many hot shows to watch on ULLU, and one of them is Charamsukh. This series has a total of 55 episodes portraying taboo-like stories through erotic and naughtiness. Even the titles of the episodes have a fling. For those who want to watch something different and are attracted by taboos, Charamsukh is a satisfactory ride.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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