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6 Tips to Host Guests with Food Allergies

Does it stress you out a little when you have guests coming over to dinner who are intolerant to certain foods or ingredients? Here are some simple tips to help turn your anxiety or stress into excitement and creative enjoyment as you host guests with food allergies and prepare an amazing feast just for them.

Find Out and Prepare Ahead

The best way to know exactly what a person’s intolerance level is like is by calling them up for a quick chat so you can get everything clarified. Imagine if you were the one with allergies and your host called you to check if you’d be okay with dairy free options at the party, served separately with care? This is exactly the type of host you’d want to be! First, however, get some insight about their condition so you can do your preps accordingly.

Find Viable Alternatives to Forbidden Foods

It certainly isn’t easy having to give up on favourite foods owing to food allergies. If you will be dealing with such guests, you may want to surprise them with safe and satisfying alternatives that they probably never knew existed! People with allergies hardly have any motivation to do any research on how to make their meals as satisfying as they once were, and so, you could do that part for them instead.

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When you’ve learnt about your guest’s intolerances, you can start looking for awesome ways to satisfy them with alternatives that are almost as good as those they’ve eliminated. For instance, have part of your casserole prepared with some delicious vegan cream (for those allergic to dairy), and the rest with the regular dairy stuff so they can enjoy just about the same thing as the rest without having to sacrifice whatsoever! Look up vegan cream Australia to find the best you can.

Opt for a Menu that Includes Something for Everyone

It might sound like a lot of work, but it actually isn’t. With a little bit of creativity and management skills in you, you should be able to pick out a dinner menu that works wonderfully and does justice to all of your guests. This does not entirely mean you offer a variety of options. Rather, create a menu that is interesting enough and enjoyable by all even if it is quite limited.

While those with allergies cannot enjoy some of the regular foods or food prepared with common ingredients, those without such conditions can enjoy just about anything and everything, be it dessert made from vegan cream, or delicious baked goods made from gluten-free flour! Keeping this in mind should help you pick and prepare an amazing feast that every single one of your guests can enjoy!

Don’t Sacrifice!

Choosing to eliminate a dish that you had in mind just because of allergy issues might not be the best solution. You might end up utterly disappointing your guests. Especially when they look forward to your delectable custard tart or classic chocolate cake. As described above, what you can do is opt for substitutes. Look for gluten free cake flour in your cake or dairy free fresh cream in your tarts. Doing so, all your guests will have an absolutely enjoyable feast

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