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History of Women’s Coats and Jacket

Jackets and coats are a form of outwear. These were primarily made to fight harsh climates. Later, they became a fashion statement. Next, we will see how the jackets, especially women’s jackets and coats, have evolved. So, let’s jump in and hit a snag.

What Is an Outwear?

Outwear is a garment that we wear over other clothes. Its primary function is to protect the costly inner garment. Secondly, such outwears can help to withstand harsh/unfavorable weather. Finally, many of them can be used as just a fashion statement. 

When They Were the First Time Used?

There is no exact date known. However, such garments have a long history. First, outwear in human history was fur skin. Then, after some time, humans learned to cut the skin of different animals and sew other pieces together to make a garment. Later, Cloth was used to wrap around the body. It was a lengthy cloth that covered the whole body. 

Then came gowns. They represent a modern fashion plus the evolution of human outwear. Dresses have gone through much evolution. Slowly and gradually, outwear evolved to the level of jackets. As a result, his garment is very stylish and practical to use when fighting harsh weather. 

Women’s Coats and Jackets

Here we go. This is the primary topic we are discussing. Women’s jackets and coats get their origin in the seventeenth century. At this time, women were not allowed to dress like a man. Society didn’t like such women, but in the 17th century, things got changed. Women adopted men like dressing. So they were going to try jackets and coats as well. 

At first, these jackets and waterproof down coat were adopted for riding purposes. The length of the jackets evolved and resulted in modern-day jacket length and style. In the first decade of 18-century women used riding coats above the knee. By the mid of this century, this shortened to hip-length. Many jackets style bodice was also famous among women. Great coat entered women’s fashion around the 1770s, with floor-length. At the end of the century, the shawl we in as an accessory in the women’s fashion. 

Modern World Jackets and Coats For Women.

At the start, full coats and knee-length coats were not in fashion. After that, women’s winter coats became worth fashion options. After that, many coat-style were introduced. Many beautiful colors are added in this period. 

Duster Coats:

This was introduced to protect Final clothing on dusky road. The coat is lightweight and easily covers the embroidered dresses. In the 1950s, they created a clean and groomed finish. In Duster coats, high-quality fabrics are used, which is the Trademark of the Duster coats. These coats are primarily designed in the cut. To enhance the style, often designed edge to edge, having sleeves three quarter.


The fabrics used to make these Duster Coats can be any of the following

  • Rich gold brocade
  • Twilled silks
  • Cloque
  • Tapestry style brocade
  • Ribbed Ottoman silks
  • Duchess satin
  • Textured cotton pique
  • Plisse

Without a doubt, these rich fabrics are going perfect for making this coat, according to the designers. The first decade of the twenty-first century, known as the “noughties decade “, Brought a classic lady-like fashion in coats and jackets. The coats were full of beauty and delicacy at the same time. Duster coats indeed became a trendsetter in 2006. 

Catwalk Coats and Fur Collars

No doubt, fur gives a very luxurious look to any dress. The same goes for coats and jackets, in 2006. Mostly and of course, smartly. The fur was added to the collar and cuffs. Fur shawl collars were in a fashion which were extra-large than ever. Fur trim was added to jackets and trench coats that had fur on hems and cuffs, and collars. Purple was my favorite hot color in the year 2006.

Both sexes have a huge variety of jackets and coats to choose from these days. In addition, women have a variety of garments to choose from. These garments included bright colors and excellent materials.

This includes womens biker jacket too. These jackets are specially designed for women who are bike riders. Such jackets save you from accidents by giving you more ease of movement during biking. 

Fur-trimmed garments became affordable for most individuals. It didn’t remain that costly to show the class. 

So this was a brief history of how women’s jackets and coats have changed over time, how they evolved from a piece of skin to a biker jacket women. Indeed, It may not be easy for women to adopt man-like garments at first. But indeed, this has resulted in more beautiful and trimmed women’s garments.

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