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History and origin of doors

Doors are an essential commodity for building a house these days. Essential and primary purpose of doors is to provide security by controlling access to the room or house.  Doors are usually used to separate interior spaces like room and closet etc. for convenience, privacy and safety. One of the important function doors invented is to protect the interior from climatic control. Doors are also a representation of the owner’s personality. Some ancient texts reveal that doors used to be a status symbol. For doors that represent your style and status visit to larnec.

Doors are dated to 4000 years ago. The evolution of doors is such an interesting history.  There are various types of doors like hinged, folding,sliding, rotating etc. They are classified on the basis of their working mechanism.

Hinged doors work on the vertical axis and are located on the side of the entrance. They are the most used doors. There are many designs developed in this type of door. Folding doors as the name suggests are doors that open and close by folding. They were mainly used in ancient courts. The sliding doors slide between doors and are space saving. Rotating works in 360° and located in the middle of the entrance.

Origin of doors:

Earliest records of doors were found in Egyptian text where doors were used as decoration in tombs; they are created in different designs. Doors represent entrances to heaven.

History if doors:

  • In the Bible, king Solomon temple was made of olive wood..
  • Roman used their architectural mind to create the advanced door. The doors were usually made of bronze and they are double, sliding, single or folding doors.
  • Roman religion believes in Janus, God of door and archway. They are superstitious people who believe the lucky and unlucky on the way their army  marches through doors.
  • In India, doors are found that are made up of stone. The stone pivot is made to swing open them.
  • The first automated door was created in the first century AD by Greek scholar Heron of Alexandria.
  • From 604 to 618, Chinese were the first to create a foot sensor activated door during the reign of emperor Yang sui

During the 12th and 13 century the seal on your door represents your reputation, status, wealth and prestige. During that time the doors were created from whatever material was available in the region. The main material was copper and bronze. Sometimes the doors used strong Oak wood.

The Renaissance period was the finest time for the craftsman shape of doors. The period is generally 16 to 17 centuries. This era is considered a connecting bridge between middle age and modern history where the designers from Greek, Spain  to Italy showed great contribution in sculpting,carving and molding of historical doors.


Whether it’s ancient error or modern era the doors are important for protecting us. The door we use should be strong  and elegant enough to protect us and show our status.

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