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Having Mental Stress & Anxiety? Here’s How Meditation Can Help!

The new world, even though technologically efficient, has been able to give us many reasons, other than covid, to make us feel anxiety and stress. Be it work, personal life and family, everything gives us stress nowadays since we belong to fast and somehow challenging lives. Technology has made things quite easy for us but corporate and business opportunities and other related situations puts much effect on the psychological aspect of a person. There are many ways in which one can easily wipe away the stress of your day-to-day life and one of them is Meditation.

But before we understand how it makes a difference in our stress levels, we need to understand meditation. As it has been practised for thousands of years, it is considered a mystical force of life that is commonly utilised for mind relaxation and reducing stress. Here are some reasons why meditation improves the mental health of human beings.

Keeps many diseases away

Meditation is a way to improve several illnesses or medical conditions that may be inflicted by stress in some way such as anxiety, depression, heart disorder, high BP, tension headaches, insomnia, asthma, cancer, etc. So next time if you are having extreme issues with your mental health, meditation can be your way through.

Improves attentive functions

Generally, due to the high competition and corporate requirements, people are too much under stress which reduces the ability of the mind to remember things. Often due to this, mental health is compromised given the busy times. However, when you meditate regularly or focus on one thing at a time, it gives you the ability to not only physically multi-task but mentally keeps up with the things and the stress that it suffers. Meditating improves your attention in meetings and small details in general life.

If there’s anything that enhances your mindfulness without taking a toll on your organs, it is meditation.

Keeps negative thoughts away

Usually, we are too much under the cover of self-doubt, future tension and negativity about everything that happens in our families. When you practice meditation, you can easily tackle it easily without putting much pressure on your mind about it. Overthinking is the biggest reason for stress and compromised mental health, due to this only, negativity surrounds you and never leaves you unless you handle it with the affection of meditation. Even in extremely high-stress conditions, you will be able to understand how effectively meditation handles your mind. It restrains your mind to wander in the moments when you require to focus.

What to do to practice meditation?

  • Deep breathing is a good technique for beginners to practice focus and meditation and since breathing is a natural function, you can easily practice it at home.
  • Focus on offering love instead of coldness. Since most people focus on hatred and their own selves, love and kindness are left far behind but practising it as a meditation technique will assist you in making yourself and your life better. This makes you feel connected to others when you meditate by sharing love, kindness and compassion with others.
  • Practising leaving everything that keeps you occupied for a while. Don’t read a book, watch television, listen to music or do anything, just sit in silence and focus on one particular thought.
  • Chanting a prayer or a mantra is also a way to enhance your mental health because it can help you focus on one thing rather than wandering around and having difficult thoughts. It is one of the best-known and widely practised examples of meditation. You can pray by using your own mantras or can read prayers scripted by others.


Meditation is the best medicine to deal with stress-induced problems in humans. The more stress you have in life, the more you’ll require meditation to take place in your routine.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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