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Have a Quick Scare with These Horror Games!

There are a lot of games that take a long time to finish. There are some games that we could play for dozens of hours and still not find all the secrets or finish all the quests. Then, some games can be over in two or three hours. Some short games can be fun for a short time, but they don’t leave much to talk about. Still, there are a few tiny gems that are worth looking for.

Five Nights At Freddy’s

Have a Quick Scare with These Horror Games!

Since the release of the initial Five Nights at Freddy’s game in 2014, the franchise has expanded to include multiple sequels, fan-made games, and books. Although playing all of them and delving into the backstory may take a significant amount of time, the first game was a relatively short but terrifying horror game.

The player takes on the position of a night security guard at a pizza shop that is modeled like Chuck E. Cheese in this game. Because the animatronics come to life at night and roam the restaurant, the player needs to keep a close watch out for them because they pose a significant threat.

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Have a Quick Scare with These Horror Games!

P.T. is one of the few games on our list to have such an incredible backstory surrounding its creation. Demo is short for “Playable Teaser,” which refers to the preview version of the game Silent Hills. This long-awaited successor to Konami’s horror franchise would bring together the skills of both Hideo Kojima and Guillermo del Toro to create an immersive horror experience that would send chills down your spine. Regrettably, Konami decided not to continue development of Silent Hills, and PlayStation deleted the demo from its online store.Nevertheless, a fan-made remake has kept the game going strong on personal computers.

Physical therapy is not for those who with a faint heart. This psychologically disturbing story places you in a corridor that loops back on itself, and each time you go through it, it becomes more terrifying than the last. As you investigate the grisly circumstances surrounding a murder, you will come across intelligent fetuses, voices that lurk in the shadows, and terrifying spirits. P.T. is a standalone horror masterpiece, which is surprising given that it was supposed to be a teaser.

Ao Oni

Have a Quick Scare with These Horror Games!

There are some images that tend to stay in one’s mind for much longer than is desirable, and for many people who have played Ao Oni, one of those memories is the ominous and terrifying face of the monster. Since its release in 2004, this Japanese survival horror video game has amassed such a following that it has spawned both an official novel and a number of fangames.

The game boasts an impressive cast of characters, each of them can have a unique ending dependent on the particular version of the game. Even though all of the versions are in Japanese, only some of them include English translations. The fact that the game was made with the RPG Maker game engine and that it can be downloaded for free is a true testimonial to the possibilities of the engine as well as the game originality.


Have a Quick Scare with These Horror Games!

Erie is a retro-themed horror game that takes place in 1966 and features outstanding freeware gameplay. The player takes on the role of a reporter named Oliver Victor who must investigate a “incident at a power generator.” The players will quickly understand that they are helpless and unable to escape the facility, making them a prime target for any hideous and dangerous monsters that may have emerged as a result of the awful tragedy.

The game by UGF in 2012 utilizing the Unreal engine, and it focuses not only on surviving but also on exploring and gathering items in order to uncover the riddle of the facility and make it out of there alive.



Are you looking for a unique experience in the horror genre this Halloween? You can expect to have a good fright when playing Granny. It is an exceptional horror arcade game from DVloper that has full of moments that will make your heart race and jump scares. You won’t be able to escape Granny’s grasp until you get through this area without first overcoming a few challenges.

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