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Call an Accident Attorney to Handle a Bus Accident

Public transportation is a fantastic way to get around and better for the environment than traveling by car. While it is considered a safe form of transportation, accidents do happen. When one does, travelers have the option of contacting an attorney to get the help they need to financially recover from the accident. Take the right steps after a bus accident to make recovering from the accident easier to do.

Call for Emergency Assistance

A phone call needs to be made to emergency services to request police and ambulance assistance. Even if no one appears seriously injured, being checked out by a medic is a good idea. Police officers on the scene can write an accident report detailing how the accident occurred. The report will also include other information, such as insurance details, that will be necessary if a lawsuit is needed to recover funds. Never assume that someone else is going to call for emergency assistance – if it’s possible to call, do so.

Take Photos and Videos of Accident

Those who are not severely injured will want to take photos and videos of the accident scene. If this is possible to do, get close-up photos of injuries, damages to the bus, and anything on the road that could show how the accident occurred. Get a photo or video from a small distance, as well, so it’s possible to see the entire scene. There is no such thing as too many photos, so take photos and videos from various angles in case they might be needed.

Get Medical Treatment for Injuries

Even if someone on the bus doesn’t feel injured, it’s a good idea for them to seek medical attention as soon as possible. It’s possible to feel okay immediately after the accident, but have injuries that will start to feel painful later. Sometimes, an injury seems minimal but turns out to be more serious. Getting medical attention as soon as possible after the accident allows the person to receive the right treatment as fast as possible and creates a paper trail needed for requesting compensation.

Gather Evidence of Personal Items Damaged in Accident

If any personal items are damaged during the bus accident, create a list of them and include the expected price for purchasing a replacement. The replacement should be like kind and condition, so if a phone was already broken before the accident, it’s not possible to get a brand new one because of the accident. This list will be needed when requesting compensation, as the total amount of damages and replacement values can be claimed along with medical costs.

Once everything above is done, if they’re possible to do, it’s time to talk to an attorney about the accident. Call an Accident Attorney to get help filing a claim for compensation from the bus company and following up on the claim to get the funds needed to financially recover from any damages. If the company does not pay the claim, the lawyer can assist in starting a lawsuit to recover the funds.

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