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Hand Dryers For Sale

You will find hand dryers for sale at a number of places. Hand dryers are frequently used in public restrooms to replace paper towel dispensers. They produce streams of air that dry hands much faster and more thoroughly than paper towels. These devices eliminate the need to purchase paper towels on a daily basis and save you money on ongoing expenses. The availability of hand dryers is based on a real-time, continuously adjusted basis

XLERATOR air Hand Dryers

When you want to save money while drying your hands, look for XLERATOR air hand dryers for sales.This makes them an excellent choice for any commercial setting. Here are some of the features of XLERATOR hand dryers for sale:

The XLERATOR air hand dryer is an original, patented, high-speed hand dryer that saves you time and energy. It is also environmentally friendly, making it an excellent choice for any business. Unlike other hand dryers, it has an optional HEPA filter and a stainless steel cover for a sleek, elegant look

For smaller spaces, consider NOVA-1 by World Dryer. It is easy to install and offers a fast drying time of 30 seconds.You can choose from a three-prong plug for a 120-volt wall outlet. Regardless of your budget, you can find a hand dryer to fit your needs. In addition, these dryers are often more energy efficient than manual hand dryers.

JETWELL 2Pack UL Hand Dryers

The Jetwell 2Pack UL hand dryer is a highly efficient, unique, and environmentally friendly device that completely dries hands in seven to ten seconds It also eliminates the hassle of paper towel maintenance, thereby improving restroom hygiene. If you’re considering buying a new hand dryer, read on to learn more about this convenient and affordable product.

This high-quality hand dryer uses a 1400-watt motor and operates at 70-72 decibels. It also has an infrared sensor to detect moisture, which makes it easier to dry hands. Its quiet operation is another major benefit, as the jetwell hand dryer produces fewer noises than many other models. In addition, the machine uses 80% less energy than standard hand dryers, making it the perfect choice for busy households.

The energy-efficient JETWELL 2Pack UL hand dry is available with a warm and cold air switch to meet your needs. The dryer is sleek and modern in design and can eliminate the need for paper towels

EnBath Hand Dryers

There are several advantages to buying an EnBath hand dryer. These hand dryers are equipped with an automatic infrared sensor and microcomputer technology, and they also use less electricity than other commercial units. The EnBath hand dryer consumes 1,350 watts to heat up air and 500 watts to dry hands at room temperature. However, if you’re not concerned about the power consumption, you can always go for the cheaper units available in the market.

Unlike other hand dryers, the EnBath dryer is compact and takes up less wall space. Despite this, it delivers excellent performance. It fits in virtually any restroom, no matter the size. It is perfect for busy bathrooms. The EnBath electric hand dryers for sale have an adjustable speed control and washable air filter. The EnBath hand dryer is also able to heat air at 224 mph.

Commercial hand dryers have many benefits, including high-speed operation and reduced energy consumption. While the high-end models can offer more features, they may be too expensive for your small business. Consider standard-speed hand dryers instead if your business has fewer frequent hand-washing customers. They are more affordable, but still provide a superior level of hygiene.

If you are in the market for a hand dryer, you may want to check out the latest models that are available on the market. They are able to dry hands in ten to twelve seconds, which is much faster than old-fashioned hand dryers. These electric hand dryers are also better at drying hands than paper towels. Read on to learn more about these hand dryers. They are very useful in offices and other places where people frequently wash their hands, such as in restrooms.

Its 1800W power consumption is sufficient for drying hands in seven to ten seconds, and it is available in both hot and cold air. It also comes with an IP23 water defense, which prevents short circuiting even in damp bathrooms. These hand dryers are also able to work in harsh environments and are durable enough to withstand everyday wear and tear.

A commercial Goetland hand dryer is a great option for busy bathrooms. These models are easy to operate, feature an excellent sensing system, and can dry hands in just 10 to twelve seconds. They are also power-efficient and are a green alternative to wipes and paper towels. In fact, you can even buy them online to save even more money!

Excel hand dryer

With more than 4,000 distributors worldwide, Excel electric hand dryers are a proven way to save time, money, and the environment. For more information, visit Excel hand dryers for sale.

The Xlerator hand dryer by Excel Dryer Inc. takes about 15 seconds to dry hands. This is an impressive time, considering hand dryers usually take up to 30 seconds. This dryer is highly efficient and uses 95% less energy than other hand dryers on the market. In addition to being environmentally friendly, Excel dryers are stylish and modern, so they’ll be a welcome addition to any restroom. They’re even available with customized digital imaging designs.

They’re available with stainless steel covers, custom paint colors, and special textures. Many of these dryers have adjustable heat settings and an externally visible Service LED. And, they come with a seven-year warranty.

XLERATOReco series

These hand dryers are 95% more cost-efficient than paper towels. They have curved brush motors and automatic infrared activation. They also feature Noise Reduction Nozzle The XLERATOReco series uses rib-reinforced die-cast zinc alloy, which helps facilities conserve energy. The XLERATOReco series electric hand dryers shall be rustproof and lightweight. The electrostatically applied epoxy paint finish is bright and durable. The XLERATOReco hand dryers are also available with optional LED lights. It features a convenient speed and sound control dials. It is also available in two voltages, 110-120V and 208-277V for use in the US. XLERATOReco hand dryers are also available in 230V for use in other parts of the world. In addition to their energy efficiency, these hand dryers are very affordable, costing less than a few sheets of paper towel per month.

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