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Hair color working? and how it works?

The best thing about today’s hair color is that most products have a very good smell than an old rotten egg to accomplish permanent hair color. Most of the colors can be applied very easily. some of them can be applied easily to wet hair and some of them can be applied to dry hair, and work into a shampoo-like lather, wearing a plastic cap during processing is the new era of hair color.

The downside of hair coloring is that local chemicals can be harmful to your hair because that type of shade has a harsh chemical in its product. Some of the hair colors have ammonia and peroxide in their products that react with your hair and then deposit color in your hair.

The disadvantage is that neighborhood chemical substances and local hair color products in hair coloring can be harsh and harmful to your hair if you don’t know what you are doing or if you shade or perm too often. How peroxide and ammonia react with your hair is at once related to the extent and form of the product you’re using.

hair coloring process.

Here are basic descriptions of the three major hair coloring product levels used, by Eazicolor professional hair color, L’Oreal, and others.

Level 1: – semi-permanent color

Level 2: – demi permanent hair color

Level 3: – permanent hair dye

Semi-permanent color

Semi-permanent dyes contain neither ammonia nor hydrogen peroxide. The color molecules of semi-everlasting dyes do not penetrate the cortex of the hair. color deposit under the cuticle.

Semi-everlasting hair dyes can be both synthetic and natural.

It also contains nitro and amines or nitrobenzene. 

Demi-permanent color

The demi-permanent hair dyes are chemically milder as compared to permanent hair dyes. This is due to the fact they no longer include ammonia. Also, they have lower concentrations of hydrogen peroxide (2% in comparison to 6% in everlasting dyes). The coloration molecules of demi-permanent hair dyes get deposited at the cuticle, in addition, to penetrating the hair cortex

 How effective are demi-permanent hair dyes?

As demi-everlasting hair dyes cannot bleach the hair pigment that’s already there. This is because they include less quantity of hydrogen peroxide. In other words, demi-permanent hair dyes cannot lighten the pre-existing shade of your hair. You can use only darker your present hair shade in demi-permanent hair dye. The color washes out after 10 washes.

Are demi-permanent hair color better than permanent hair dyes?

If you have up to 50% grays and want to stay close to natural hair color, you can use demi-permanent hair dyes. The color uniqueness of this dye is not unique as compared to the permanent dyes. So, new hair growth from roots does not look as classy and contrasting as it looks in permanent hair dye. But the advantage of using demi-permanent is that it gives your hair a natural color or makes your natural color more natural. These dyes are gentler than permanent dyes and also damaging to your hair shaft and scalp. it also covers grey hair.

Permanent color

Yes, permanent hair color is exactly permanent that does not remove from your hair or stay longer in your hair. Applying it to your hair adds to the natural hair pigment so that the color you’ve chosen can replace it. It does this by opening the cuticle to let dye into the hair to deposit the permanent color. By doing permanent hair dye your hair color stays in your hair permanently and does not remove by washing. 

it stays permanently in your hair and does not get removed by washing. Permanent hair dyes have an important component that lets hair color stay in your hair for a very long time.

They contain 4 important components:

  • Colorless dye precursors like PPD
  • Oxidizing agents like hydrogen peroxide (in 6% concentration)
  • Ammonia
  • Couplers

Most professionals recommend for the permanent hair color you don’t try this one at home unless you love to experiment!

Products that made your hair color stay longer

Newer products on the market include color-enhancing shampoos, Eazicolor sulfate-free shampoo, Eazicolor hair masks, hair serums, and mousses that keep your color vivid and longer and make your hair appearance more beautiful. On the other hand, if you are using local color products or box dye it will make your hair dull and dry.

How do permanent hair dyes work?

Permanent hair dyes color your hair in two steps:

  • Remove the natural hair color
  • Apply the new hair color

The dye precursors (PPD) are small molecules that cross deep into the hair shaft. Ammonia, present in the dye, processes their entry. When it goes deep into the hair shaft, hydrogen peroxide first bleaches the natural color of the hair. It then oxidizes your hair and previous hair color and then deposits the new one.

How to avoid reaction with permanent hair dye

Always perform a skin test earlier than using an everlasting or semi-everlasting hair dye, even just in case you are using your regular brand. This typically involves dabbing a small quantity of the dye answer in the back of your ear or in your inner elbow and leaving it to dry. Follow the commands that come with the dye.

The best hair color is Eazicolor professional hair color that has a lot of shades for your hair.

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