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Your Tenant’s Guide to End of Tenancy Cleaning: Steps, Tips, and Benefits.

We all know change is never easy though it is for the better but still it comes with its own challenges. Moving out is a hectic task, and with so much going on, one of the things that you need to do is tenancy cleaning. Often times it is one of the requirements by the landlords or property managers. Thus, you have to make sure to provide the cleaning in its best form. Only then you can expect to have your deposit back in full. This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to learn all about end of tenancy cleaning, its tips, benefits, and how it is generally carried out.

Steps of tenancy cleaning

  • Assessment and planning

The first step that holds key importance at the end of the tenancy cleaning is the thorough assessment before starting any work. A common mistake people make is they don’t assess the situation their place is in and plan accordingly. This makes them suffer in the end. So, it is better to take a calculated start from the get-go. 

  • Gather cleaning supplies

If you are planning to do the cleaning yourself then you need to gather the appropriate cleaning supplies beforehand. Instead of fussing over alternatives at the time of cleaning, it is better to consider these things beforehand. 

  • Declutter

The best thing you can do is get rid of all the unwanted things. Believe us, it will make things a lot easier for you. All you need to do in the end is clean if you get rid of useless stuff already. Moreover, you would have a better idea of how to manage things while cleaning with mess aside. 

  • Dust and wipe

Now it is something that you can start a little early. Let’s say you have to move out in a month’s time, then you can start it today. You will see doing it a little every day will have a drastic effect. Moreover, you won’t have to tire yourself in the end dusting and wiping every surface of your place. 

  • Kitchen cleaning

Clean the inside, outside of every cabinet or appliance in your kitchen. Again, you can start doing it early so that you won’t have a burden in the end.

  • Bathroom cleaning

Except basics start clearing out your bathroom at least 15 days before you have to move out. Remove the limescale, mold (if any), soap scum, or any such thing to maintain the immaculate state of your bathroom.

  • Floorcare

Vacuum and sweep all floors, and if carpeted having them cleaned through steam cleaning is another option. 

  • Outdoor areas

It includes all the windows, window sills, yard, porch, or any other outer area of your place. Caring for its cleaning leaves a strong impression on your landlord, and you can raise your chances of getting your deposit back in full.

  • Final inspection

In the end, make sure to do the final inspection yourself before your landlord’s inspection. This will allow you to find any issues beforehand and avoid a dispute with your landlord. 

Tips for successful end of tenancy cleaning

  1. Start early

Managing so much at the time of leaving would be hectic. It is better to start at a certain time before. It will allow you to manage things in a more pleasant way. 

  1. Checklist 

Following a checklist will allow you to have everything under control. You can accomplish so much without getting distracted or going off-track. 

  1. Use the right products

Do your research beforehand to carefully select the right products. It will save you time in the end while cleaning and avoid damage.

  1. Have help

It is better to ask for help from your friends or family. And if you can’t do that you can hire professionals to make things easy for you. 

  1. Focus on details

Pay close attention to details. Because often neglected minor things become the cause of the argument.

  1. Document the cleaned areas

Take before and after pictures as evidence of your efforts. In case of any dispute, they can be pretty helpful in claiming your point. 

  1. Repair damages

If the property sustains any kind of damage during tenancy, you should repair it. However, if you have to make significant changes then consult with your landlord first. 

Benefits of detailed cleaning at the lease end

End of tenancy cleaning offers a variety of benefits. Some are more profound than others. Thus, a few of these benefits are;

  • Security deposit return

Without question, one of the greatest perks this cleaning offer is the increased chance of your full deposit back. This cleaning avoids disputes and you can get your deposit back in full without any hitch. 

  • Positive reference

Secondly, this cleaning allows you to maintain your reputation as a potential renter. You will get a positive reference from your landlord. 

  • Smooth check-out process

Leaving a clean property to your landlord will allow you to end things on a happy note and expedite your process of leaving.

  • Respect for landlord

Leaving property clean is a way of showing respect to your landlord. It reflects your ethical values that again increase your reputation as a potential renter.

  • Legal requirement

Most of the time tenancy cleaning is the requirement of the lease agreement. So, you fulfill all your legal requirements as well by leaving your property in a flawless state. This smooths out your moving-out procedure. 

  • Personal satisfaction

The sense of contentment you will feel by making sure everything is perfect is out of the world. A clear conscience is a blessing and you will see how right we are about it. You will feel a sense of accomplishment and have a smooth transition to your new place. 


In the end, we would just say that end of tenancy cleaning may be a responsibility, but it is also an opportunity. You will have a chance to leave a positive impression. By following this guide, we assure you, you would be able to achieve a successful transition to your new place. 

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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