Google launches new tools to optimize Shopping Adwords campaigns

Christmas is approaching and Google, aware of the fact that online purchases are growing dramatically in this period, has some “gifts” for retailers who use its network to sell their products: new optimization tools for adwords shopping campaigns.
Even if initiatives such as  black friday and cyber monday , also landed in Italy, have generated a large amount of traffic and pre-Christmas online purchases; Google claims that: “Mobile devices make every day a good day for shopping.”

And so Google offers its advertisers new tools that will allow not only to optimize budgets and campaign settings more quickly, but also to plan a particular advertising strategy on mobile devices.

One of the new features made available is the “product groups” tool . This new tab, available at both the account and campaign level, allows retailers to group products into categories and see the individual performance of each category.

Another feature is the “product group filter” : it allows you to check the performance of product groups and arrange offers based on the performance of an entire group.
A nice time saver during the high retail season for retailers who don’t have to manually check the performance of each product.

Another new arrival in google adwords shopping tools is the bidding simulator for mobile devices. This in the face of changes in offers at the campaign level provides:

  • an estimate of changes in traffic volume
  • an estimate of the number of conversions generated

In practice, these tools can prove useful to all retail traders. For example, citing the example provided by Google itself, a clothing retailer can divide their products by category and within them they can divide them by brand.

By taking advantage of the new tools, the retailer can not only determine that, for example, the jackets category performs better than the jerseys category, but can also determine which jacket brands convert the most and optimize the campaign accordingly.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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