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8 Easy Tips to Glamp Up Your Camping

When most people think of camping, they don’t immediately think of the word fancy. In fact, most people may believe the exact opposite. But this is why glamping is gaining popularity. Camping does not have to be synonymous with filthy hair, sweaty clothes, and sleeping on the ground.

With a few simple steps, you can transform your camping trip into an unforgettable glamping experience.

1. Put the sparkle in your sheets

You don’t have to sleep on the cold ground just because you’re camping. Get a good quality air mattress that pumps on its own and glam it up. And we’re not talking about a simple low-level air mattress — we’re talking about the double-height queen-sized air mattress that makes you feel like you’re sleeping.

Bring along good sheets and blankets (such as a fluffy down duvet), as well as extra comfortable pillows.

2. Go big on lights

Make sure to book a powered campsite, and then plan on putting up glam lights around the site. Fairy lights, which you can string around your tent and other belongings to add a special sparkle, are a popular option. The lights will cast a soft glow around your campsite, ideal for evenings spent socializing, sipping cocktails, and sharing delicious food.

You could also go eco-chic by installing solar-powered lighting throughout the campsite, which could include fairy lights as well as other cool solar-powered lights.

3. Let your inner foodie shine

Don’t just bring the standard camp food, such as baked beans and hot dogs. Glamping allows you to break out Pinterest-worthy camping recipes and prepare some seriously delicious food. You can still relax on your vacation; there are many recipes that you can prepare ahead of time at home and then finish at the campsite. You can also visit some of Byron Bay’s excellent takeaway restaurants and bring your food back to camp for some good glamping.

Make special cocktails for you and your group as another way to add some opulence to your holiday.

4. Add all the extra touches

Camping also does not imply that you must only bring the necessities. If you want to truly clamp, think about how many extra touches you’ll bring with you or pick up while in Byron Bay. Perhaps you’d like a small bedside table to keep your phone and other essentials. What about your dining set? You don’t have to use paper plates; you can buy pretty camping utensils, plates, and cups to dress up your dinner table.

5. Pack good toiletries and nice towels

There’s no need to settle for the same old shampoo and bar of soap. Get smaller sizes or travel-size plastic bottles of your favorite soaps, shampoos, conditioners, and other toiletries to keep on hand while using the camp facilities. You don’t have to smell nice just because you’re sleeping in a tent.

While you won’t be able to take a relaxing bath, you should be able to use the elaborate cleansing ritual you brought with you during your shower time. Don’t forget to bring some good lotion! You should be cautious about using perfumed soaps and lotions because you don’t want to attract pests like mosquitoes.

6. Splurge on Top-Notch Entertainment

Relax by the beach or at a campsite with your friends while listening to your music collection in authentic surround sound. Bluetooth speakers can enhance your Byron Bay glamping experience. There is a wide range of speakers available, whether you want something small but powerful or a high-end device with all the ports, jacks, and WiFi options you need to sync your devices.

When the sun goes down, pair the speakers with a portable projector and screen for the ultimate outdoor movie night. After all, this is glamping, and you can bring all of your entertainment technology with you.

7. Make Camping Cocktails

Delicious cocktails under the stars are the epitome of glamping. Gather your favorite liqueurs, syrups, bitters, and sodas, as well as some fresh fruit to garnish, and make some delicious drinks at the campsite. Fill your cooler with ice and pack your camping cocktail kit.

Not sure where to begin? Recipes ranging from camping sangria to beer-based cocktails can be found at Camp Cocktails. This book includes all of the pro tricks and tips, as well as simple instructions for measuring, stirring, shaking, and straining your cocktails. 

8. Create Stations for Everything

Two things happen when you set up a station for each glamping activity or piece of gear. First, you create a functional layout for your camping area, which takes the stress out of your Byron Bay glamping experience. Second, you can fully demonstrate your organizational and decorating abilities. 

Set up a separate, clearly labeled station for handwashing and sanitizing, drinks and snacks, charging your electronics, books or magazines, waste disposal, and so on. For a good laugh, give each station a fun, creative name.

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