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Get Khula and Child Custody in General Way

Khula and Child Custody in General:

If in general you wish to know about khula and child custody or child maintenance law in Pakistan, you may contact Jamila Law Associates. General conditions The term “equality” can use the term “honesty” or “religious integrity.” The basis of this rule is that debauchers do not have the right to be held in custody. The majority of scholars agree with this. Many of them stated that there was no punishment for debauchers. Some scholars didn’t stress equality as a key element, and some even provided explanations that I will discuss in the upcoming time on khula and child custody or child maintenance law in Pakistan.

Kuwaiti Jurisprudence Writing Encyclopedia:

The Kuwaiti Jurisprudence Writing Encyclopedia says when discussing the requirements the custodian must meet: Custodians must be honest consistently. There is no custody for those who are debauchers as they are not trustworthy. Debaucher is a person who is known as an intoxicated person, stealing or adultery and has amusement illegally, while doing his business could be considered a custodian under khula and child custody or child maintenance law in Pakistan. Ibin Abdin said (Hanafi),

Point of Drunks:

“If the custodian becomes drunk to the point that the child is lost, she loses her legal right of custody. If she does not, she will have all rights to the child’s custody until the time he attains the age at which the child can comprehend his mother’s debauchery, and after that, she should remove him away from her. The Al-Ramli (Shafi’) said, “Two witnesses should be sufficient to establish her identity.” Al-Dasuki (Maliki) stated, “A custodian is assumed to be trustworthy and honest until proven otherwise.”

Child Maintenance Law in Pakistan:

The encyclopedia on khula and child custody or child maintenance law in Pakistan further stated, “Scholars agreed that a debaucher should not be granted custody as he cannot be a curator, and therefore cannot be believed to be. Additionally, the child who is in the custody of a debaucher will not have the chance to succeed in life because the child will be raised according to their footsteps of his.

Hanafi Thoughts:

The Hanafis linked debauchery which prohibits custody of a child due to the possibility that the custody can cause harm to the child.” I bin Al-Qaim, my soul rest in peace, has criticized the scholars who claimed that being honest is a prerequisite for custody for khula and child custody or child maintenance law in Pakistan. He stated in Zad Al-Mi’ad, “what is surprising is that they say “No custody for the debauchers” which is more debauchery than infidelity. (Meaning that they let an infidelity mother the custody of their child.) What are the effects of debauchery on the child compared with the effects of an infidel mom?

Al Shafi Thoughts:

The reality is that honesty shouldn’t be a requirement to being a custody parent, although Ahmad and his followers of Al-Shafi’i had it as a condition. If it is the case that straightforwardness is a requirement for custody, children all over the world will lose their innocence, and Islam is facing an issue of khula and child custody or child maintenance law in Pakistan. Since the dawn of Islam, no one has spoken about the children of debauchers. At what time in Islam could anyone be able to separate a child from their mother or father in the event that one or both are debauchers.

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