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How To Get Fuller and Darker Brows in 5 Simple Steps

In the modern world, eyebrows are considered the most important part of facial beauty; to be fair, they have every reason for it. They complete your overall makeup look and must be in perfect shape to make a bold statement. However, thicker or fuller brows are trendy and are preferred by most women. Because strong eyebrows can accentuate your eyes and make your face look more youthful. If you’ve been plucking and growing your brows all the time just to make them thicker, you should stop it immediately. Although several techniques are available at an eyebrow salon near you to make your eyebrows look fuller, hair removal has long-lasting effects. Therefore, use eyebrow pencils, brushes, and brow fillers for the best results. You can have a fuller eyebrow with these five steps.

1. Brush and Measure your Eyebrows 

Use a spoolie and move it across your eyebrows, particularly along the direction of hair growth. Most people wonder why it is very important to brush the eyebrows in the direction of hair growth. Grooming your brows along these lines keeps them in place and gives you a perfect way to create thick eyebrows. After that, take a pencil and start lining it from the edge of the nostril to the near corner of your eye. When the pencil reaches your eyebrow, it should be the point where it should start. Then, repeat the same process but move your pencil from the edge of the nostril to the outer corner of the eye. Where the pencil comes over the eyebrow is usually where it should end.

2. Set the Eyebrows and Choose the Filler

Once you have brushed and measured your eyebrows properly, it’s time to set them before filling and making them thick. For that, you must face the mirror and look straight into it. Aim the pencil directly at the pupil through the edge of your nostril to decide the eyebrow arc. The tip of it will give you your natural brow arch. Using a spoolie brush again, start applying eyebrow wax along the hairline. Apply it quickly with short blows but be careful with your approach. This eyebrow wax holds brows in place and instantly thickens them before you apply a filler. Once the wax sets, choose an eyebrow filler that you think suits you. Eyebrow pencils, powders, or creams can be used to thicken your eyebrows. However, to keep a natural look, the shade of the filler should be lighter than the natural color. A powder is considered mostly as it gives a natural touch. But for a more defined look, pencils are preferred.

3. Fill the Gaps Properly

After you have chosen the type of eyebrow filler you are comfortable with, the next step is to apply that properly. Since most eyebrow salons near you and experts suggest pencils, you should also consider it. Using the pencil’s tip or a powdered liner brush, gently draw a thin online around the eyebrows. Work quickly to get a more defined and natural look, but be gentle with your work. Make sure you perfectly connect the inner and outer brow marks with the arc. However, nobody gets the work done perfectly on the first attempt; therefore, removing and starting over is okay. After that, start filling the gaps inside your outline, where hair are less. You can use powder or pencil for it with light strokes to make it look natural. After filling, check whether your brows are evenly filled or not.

4. A Touch of Highlighter

When a filling is done, use a brow highlighter to make your eyebrows more attractive. After adding the highlighter, apply an eyebrow gel to keep the filler in place. This prevents the filler from wiping out at the end of the day. Brush the gel into your eyebrows using an eyebrow brush and let it dry completely. The gel evenly distributes the color and ensures a beautiful final image.

5. Final Blending

Most people think applying the wax or gel for the final setting is the last thing to do. However, a final blending is also required if you need to keep the natural look intact all day. Otherwise, they will not look appropriate. With the spoolie, gently work your way on the eyebrows to blend everything. 

When you go tweezing or plucking from an eyebrow salon near you, the growth of eyebrow hair can take up to six weeks. So, your only way is to be patient if you want to get thick eyebrows. Since eyebrows are the main attraction of facial beauty, you will have to do what it takes to wait. But with the help of an eyebrow filler and a simple technique, you can get fuller eyebrows in minutes.

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