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About GB Instagram APK Download Latest Version

If you don’t already know what GB Instagram is, it is the modified version the official Instagram app. This app has many changes to allow users greater control and advantage over the app. The official version has few issues that ruin the user experience. These drawbacks have been removed, and the latest version of GB Instagram includes more advanced features. You won’t be charged any additional fees or hidden charges to use the GB Instagram latest version. The official developers of GB Instagram have it available for download via this link.

There are many third-party Instagram apps that can be downloaded from different websites. We recommend that you download the latest version of the GB Instagram APK from this website for maximum security and privacy. The app is updated as soon as the developer releases the new version. You can find all the most popular modded social media apps on our website. These apps can also be viewed on our website. Let’s now talk about GB Instagram MOD APK and all its amazing features.

Version Information

Name of the APPGBInstagram APK
Compatible with Android Version4.3+
Total Downloads1,000,000,000+
APP Size38 MB
Provided byapkonlinestore.com
Last Updated1 day ago

Features of GB Instagram

  • It is created on top of the most recent Instagram app version
  • You can conceal a person’s story if you read it.
  • Any message can be marked with a star
  • You can also turn off the left- and right-dragging option.
  • There are tons of themes to choose from.
  • Instagram allows users to download images, videos and GIFs.
  • Auto translator built-in: For people who have foreign friends
  • Copy and paste the caption text of the Instagram post.
  • Zoom option added for images
  • Can you zoom in on your profile picture?
  • Dual Instagram: Two Instagram accounts can be used on one device with GB Instagram
  • You can copy any bio.
  • No-root needed.
  • No Bans
  • No hidden or additional charges
  • App Updates: GB Instagram is updated when a new version comes out.
  • More information coming soon

The Most Useful Features in GB Instagram

Shared Download Images, Videos and GIFs: This feature is crucial to GB Instagram. The official version of Instagram doesn’t allow users to download images or videos if they are shared by their friends on Instagram. Many people don’t even know that GB Instagram exists. They simply take a screenshot, crop it, and then share it anywhere they like. This is only possible for images. You can’t download Instagram videos. Mod developers added an option that allows users to download images to enhance the game’s experience. Get the GB Instagram APK on our website. You can find official gb instagram apk download link simply by clicking the link above.

Dual Instagram

This feature was recently added to GB Instagram. Users can now use multiple accounts in the same GBInstagram app. This feature eliminates the need for users to log out and log in with different accounts. One account can be used for business purposes and one for personal use. GB Instagram allows you to create two accounts within the same app by tapping the change account button.


It was easy to get bored of the same, clean Instagram interface. Sometimes our eyes crave a more colourful and unique design. There are many themes available with different designs and styles. Any one of these themes can be chosen to suit your needs. Download GB Instagram from the links below to take advantage of customization options.

Protect Your Online Presence

This is a useful feature when we don’t want other people to know we have seen their story or status. We love to keep things private, but sometimes it is hard to avoid being called a stalker. We are close to many people and keep an eye on their stories and statuses whenever they post. This might not be a good situation for everyone, so download GB Instagram to enjoy this amazing feature.

Copy anyone’s bio and post a caption:

Sometimes we are inspired by someone’s caption and want to copy it immediately, but the official Instagram version doesn’t allow us to do that. This feature was added by developers to GBInsta to make it easier and more user-friendly. It is now possible to copy any post caption and paste it anywhere else. The app has the latest update that allows you to copy and paste comments from other users. Although it may seem like a simple function, it makes life much easier. Give it a try, the latest version of GB Instagram is now available. Get it now! There are many more amazing features coming soon.

The Last Words

We have already discussed that GB Instagram has many features which the official Instagram app does not offer. Some of these features include downloading images and videos to hide your online presence, dual Instagram, customization, and multiple themes. Developers are working on more exciting features and will soon release them. After taking a look at the feature, you’ll be compelled to use this modified Instagram. We get it. That’s why we provide the direct download link to “GB Instagram”. This is not Instagram. It’s more than just an Instagram. Get it now to get all the features for free. Another app, GBWhatsApp, is also available on our website.

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