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Gan 13 – The Flagship 3×3 From GAN

The Gan 13 is the latest flagship 3×3 from GAN. It offers a number of incredibly innovative features.

The core to edge repulsion magnets also greatly reduce the resistance. This leads to a more natural magnet feel and makes the cube turn incredibly smooth.

It is able to be adjusted with an included tool. You can customize the elasticity, center travel distance and magnet strength, for 216 possible configurations.

Enhanced Magnetic Core Positioning 3.0

GAN 13 is the 2022 Flagship Magnetic Speed Cube from the world-leading cubing brand. This innovative cube features a novel Core-Edge magnetic positioning system and the iconic classic honeycomb design to create a smooth, comfortable, and fast turning experience. It eliminates lock-ups and pops, cuts corners incredibly well, and has a fantastic magnetic feel.

It also includes a one-of-a-kind dual hand-adjustable Numerical IPG core. This innovative system allows you to adjust the center travel distance and MagLev compression using a single tool, giving you more tuning options than ever.

It is also loaded with 88 factory-installed magnets to deliver an incredible amount of magnetic force. Combined with the new edge magnets and MagLev technology, this provides a much faster, more stable, and smooth repulsion drive. Enhanced corner magnets create an improved auto-alignment range, with the cube able to complete turns even when misaligned by 30 degrees or more. 216 different customization settings are available, including 6 levels of elasticity, and 6 kinds of magnet strength.

Edge Magnets

GAN 13 is the 2022 flagship magnetic 3×3 from GAN, featuring a new MagLev system and repulsion magnet edge magnets to reduce resistance and give it an almost-frictionless maglev feel. It also features the new Enhanced Core Positioning 3.0 auto aligning technology, which uses magnets to help every layer snap into place.

The GAN 13 includes a unique Numerical Tuning system for more customization options than ever. You can set the magnet strength, tension, and center travel distance to find your optimal hand feel. The GAN 13 has 88 factory-installed magnets and 6 corner magnet settings, which provides 216 possible setups.

The MagLev is fast out of the box, but requires a good setup for the best performance. It also takes a lot of force to cut corners, and it’s not recommended for novice cubers. The MagLev comes with a storage bag and a new black accessories box, as well as an adjustment tool and a CFOP guide.

Corner-Core Adjustment

GAN 13 features a brand-new magnetic adjustment system called “GMS” which operates via the corner pieces. Using the included metal tool you can easily swap between 6 different magnet strength settings by turning the D-layer and adjusting the corresponding magnets on each corner piece. This allows you to easily tailor your Gan 13 to your personal preference.

The magnetic core positioning also helps reduce overall magnet resistance and achieve a maglev feel without the need for springs. In addition, the edges are repelled from the center to the core magnets, helping every layer align and stay stable in place.

The downside of all these innovations is that the Gan 13 is loud, and not in a good way. Between hollow pieces and magnet clicks it can be quite distracting to solve, and the corners can snap very hard if you are not careful. Overall, the Gan 13 is a great cube if you can get past the clacky feeling.

Full Magnet Force

The Gan 13 M MagLev is the flagship 3×3 from one of the most popular cube manufacturers in speedcubing. It is packed with amazing modern cube technology in a small package that is amazingly lightweight. It features 88 magnets across the core, pieces and edge magnets all serving different purposes for an incredible solve experience.

The corner-core magnet strength can be adjusted in 6 levels with 1 being the weakest and 6 being the strongest. There are also 6 levels of center travel adjustment which allows you to fine-tune how much the centers can move during a solve.

The Gan 13 also introduces edge-core repelling magnets which push the edges away from misalignment to add to a better turning feel and a smoother cube overall. This feature isn’t adjustable on the FX version which does not include adjustable magnets to reduce the weight and price. The GAN 13 M MagLev comes in a futuristic cube box that has a magnetic latch system to keep your puzzles safe and secure.

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