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Food Exhibition Event – Which Stands Should You Ensure?

Exhibition events are quite common across the globe. Such events provide business opportunities, attracting or offering sponsorships or training to many people. Most exhibitions are focused on fashion, interior, or even electronics. Organizing a food exhibition event will offer a fresh narrative and something to look up to.

 The food exhibition will also create enough business and sponsorship opportunities. It is a platform for people to showcase their products, services, and skills to the attendees. Ensuring the success of the event is in the hands of the organizers. Including stands from various categories is the very forts step towards attracting more people and ensuring the success of your event.

Keep scrolling down this article to learn in detail which stand you should include and ensure in your food exhibition event and ensure a successful event.

Top 6 Types of Stands to Include in Food Exhibition Event

Food exhibition is one of the event ideas which will garner the interest of local and international authorities equally, apart from the general public. The event will provide a platform for people to showcase their talents or explore the food and cuisines of various regions. Paying attention to all the arrangements and including a few stands can help you organize an event that is remembered for years.

Here are the major types of stands you should include in food exhibition events to attract more and more people.

1. Michelin Star Chefs

The very first type of stand you should include in a food exhibition is that of Michelin star chefs. The food exhibition will not be a one-day event but will continue for a week or even a month. You can invite and book popular Michelin-star chefs for various days and let them show their expertise to the event attendees. Convincing the chefs to join the event and manage the schedule is often not too easy. The authorities hire the best events companies in Abu Dhabi to get the chefs on board as well as plan and manage all the other aspects of the extravagant event.

2. Master Classes

Master classes are the second type of stand you should essentially include at a food exhibition. Not all people join such events to savor all sorts of food; some even want to learn from the best. You can plan the whole setup in advance, as well as scout popular chefs who are willing to teach. Considering the interest of attendees, you can divide training sessions into various categories. However, make sure to register the aspiring people in advance, so you do not face last-minute management issues.           

3. Cooking Competition

A cooking competition stand is one of the basics of a food exhibition, and you should never forget to include it. Such events are a great opportunity for the newbies to showcase their talent and start their journey toward success. Open the registration well before time, so the contestants get enough time to prepare. You can also ask them to share the name of dishes they would cook while giving two to three options. It will help you arrange for the ingredients and ensure the contestants can utilize as much as they want.

4. Latte Art

One of the most popular arts of the current times is latte art, so you should not commit the mistake of not including it in your food exhibition categories. You can include a separate section for food décor and drinks. Organize a competition for latte art or offer classes too. Offering learning or job opportunities to the participants who stand out with their skills. You can also help them secure sponsorships to open their own coffee shop and training center.

5. Coffee Championship

The coffee championship is another interesting stand you can arrange at your food exhibition event. The drink has become essential for the daily functioning of many people across the globe. However, the taste and preferences of people vary when it comes to their coffee. The coffee championship will offer healthy competition among baristas and help them invent new recipes or learn from their peers. It will garner the attention and appreciation of many, so do not give up on it.

6. Gourmet Show

The last type of stand to essentially include in the food exhibition is the gourmet show. You can invite local and international participants to prepare and present high-end food to the attendees. It is a great opportunity to showcase local specialties and items to the international market. However, it will require grand preparations on which you should not compromise. You can hire events companies in Abu Dhabi to set up and manage the exhibition and ensure perfection in each and every aspect.

Do you need help with food exhibition event planning?

The arrangements of such a grand event can cause confusion and nervousness. However, do not let it affect you. Contact and get professional event organizers on board to take care of all the arrangements smoothly and ensure a successful and memorable event.

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