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Five Easy Ways To Keep Your Garden Hose From Freezing

A garden hose is a daily necessity for your lovely plants to shine, and a handy, needy tool for cleaning everything outdoors, including your muddy naughty teenagers. Winter is pretty and full of Christmas Vibes all along, but when it comes to your garden hose FREEZING is the number one killer of all winter beauty. Your hose is also feeling cold. So what’s the easiest way to keep a garden hose from freezing?

1. Move Your Garden Hose Inside

When it gets cold outside, what’s your first thought to get yourself warm? Jumping into a cozy coffee and getting the heat going?  Staying at home grabbing a cup of tea to enjoy the winter scenery without freezing yourself? Let’s move your garden hose inside too! If you leave the water hose outside, the biting cold winter will break its heart, as will the scorching sun.

2. Wrapping The Hose In Heat Tape

You may also get the intuition of warming things up as you warm yourself up. That’s a great hunch. Just put some “clothes” on for your garden horse. A standard method is to wrap the hose in heating tape. You can buy some online or in local shops. Do remember to wrap it up and don’t expose any parts to the biting cold wind.  Heat the hose and the hose will deliver the waterfall for you. Keep your garden irrigated all year round.

3. Remove Any Excess Water

Water freezes more easily than hoses. So the cleverest way is to keep your garden hose away from any form of water. Shake dry after each use. I know it’s strength-consuming, but on the other hand, our bodies can get more exercise. SHAKE IT!

4. Get The Water Running

Flowing water gets better performance in anti-freezing. Getting the water running in the garden hose can keep it from freezing. But remember to save the water for future use. Earth citizens should never waste water!

5. Use A Heated Garden Hose

The last common way to keep a hose from freezing is to use a heated garden hose. This can add extra cost to your gardening project. I wouldn’t say I would highly recommend it. But if you got the money, why not?

If unfortunately, your garden hose gets frozen anyway. Don’t panic, put it into a sink for a beauty bath. Be careful to always use warm water instead of 100°C water. Any further questions, don’t hesitate to discuss them below.

May Giraffe Tools clear your garden from winter to fall!

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