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Fire Pump Manufacturers

NFPA 20 is the standard for the installation of stationary fire pumps for fire protection. If you are considering purchasing a new fire pump for your home, or you are looking for a way to improve your current system, you may want to check out some of the fire pump manufacturers listed below.

SPP Pumps

Founded in 1908, SPP Pumps is an expert in the design and manufacture of centrifugal and fire pumps, seawater lifting systems, and associated systems. SPP serves a wide range of industries, including construction, marine, oil & gas, and power generation. The company provides complete service, from the design of the pump to aftersales support.

The company’s mission is to deliver total performance around the world. SPP has an extensive range of quality, precision-engineered fire protection pumps, including a series of FM Approved multi-stage multi-outlet (MSMO) pumps. Designed to reduce pipework and eliminate water storage tanks on intermediate floors, these pumps are also used in fire protection systems in tall buildings.

SPP Pumps has an extensive in-house test facility, including advanced computerized testing facilities. Every product is tested before it leaves the factory. The main test area is capable of testing pressures of up to 50 bar and flows of up to 2000 l/h.

Glauber Equipment Corp.

Located in Lancaster, NY, the aforementioned Glauber Equipment has been a stalwart in the industry since 1960. The company is best known for their innovative pumps, but also manufactures parts, dryers, and accessories. In addition, the company has an active association with ENERGAIR, an energy efficient, greener and more environmentally sound energy provider. The company is also one of the largest distributors of GE’s high efficiency compressors.

As of January 2011, the company has roughly 3,000 employees. Its most notable project is a partnership with Neptune Pumps to manufacture and service its next generation biogas recovery systems. The company is no slouch in terms of quality or longevity, but needs a major makeover to stay competitive in the highly saturated market. This is where the aforementioned TCIE comes in.

Hayward Tyler, Inc.

Founded in 1815, Hayward Tyler is a leading global supplier of performance critical electric motors and pumps. Its subsidiaries are located in the United States, India, and China. Its products include electric and fluid filled pumps, booster and performance critical pumps, and a variety of motors for oil and gas. In addition to these core products, Hayward Tyler also manufactures specialised equipment for the energy industry.

One of Hayward Tyler’s more notable accomplishments is the development of the world’s largest subsea motor. The company has also been delivering high end equipment to China for over 40 years.

Hayward Tyler also has the honor of being the inventor of the wet wound submersible motor. The company has also been an original equipment supplier for many years.

Industrial Pump Sales & Service in Tiverton, RI

Located in Tiverton, Rhode Island, Industrial Pump Sales & Service has been in business for over 38 years. This company specializes in air diaphragm pumps, sewage and sump pumps, and pumps and pumping equipment, nec. With over 21 employees on staff, they are well suited to handle any and all your industrial pump related needs. Moreover, their website provides an online shop where they sell all the major brands of pumps and pumping equipment, nec.

Despite the fact that they are located in a small town, the company is not without its fair share of high-paying employees. In a recent employee survey, the average salary for an employee was a palatable $290,000, a figure that may have been boosted by a recent acquisition. The aforementioned aforementioned aforementioned is accompanied by a healthy bonus, a hefty raise and an enviable work-life balance.

NFPA 20 Standard for the Installation of Stationary Fire Pumps for Fire Protection

NFPA 20 is the most widely accepted fire pump standard in the world. It provides guidance for designing and installing fire pumps and other equipment. It is published by the U.S.-based National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

NFPA 20 is concerned with the design and installation of stationary fire pumps and other fire protection equipment. It is a safety standard that specifies how these units should be used to provide water flow and pressure in a fire. It is also concerned with how these units should be used to protect life and property.

NFPA 20 provides requirements for a wide range of stationary fire pumps, including positive displacement, centrifugal, and vertical shaft turbine-type pumps. It also provides for acceptance testing, which verifies the ability of the fire pump to meet its specifications.

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