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Find The Best Treatments For Pilonidal Cyst Infection

pilonidal cyst infection is a pouch that contains skin debris and unwanted hair. The cyst forms near the tailbone, which is at the top of the buttocks. When hair punctures the skin, the pilonidal cyst may get infected. Sometimes, it can be painful, and you must consult a specialist to get the proper treatment. Doctors will make a small cut in the skin to drain out the fluid, and it’s the best treatment for pilonidal cysts. Young adults have higher chances of getting the infection, and it’s important to maintain proper hygiene.

Symptoms of Pilonidal Cyst Infection

Are you wondering how to know you got a pilonidal cyst infection? The symptoms are:

  • Inflamed and swollen skin around the affected area
  • Blood oozing out from the opening of the infected skin
  • Foul-smelling pus is the main symptom of pilonidal cyst infection

You need to speak to a colorectal surgeon if you have any of the symptoms mentioned above. Your doctor will prescribe some anti-inflammatory drugs and painkillers that will help you get relief from the pain and discomfort.

Causes of Pilonidal Disease

Now, it’s important to know the causes of pilonidal disease. Losing hair that punctures your skin gives rise to the infection. Constant rubbing and friction worsen the condition, and you need to use proper medicines. It gives you a soothing effect, and you will learn the benefits of visiting a pilonidal cyst specialist. Once you learn about the pilonidal cyst’s causes, you will feel confident to get the treatment.

Treatments for Pilonidal Sinuses

Here you will get know about the treatments for pilonidal sinuses:


Lancing is the process of collection of pus inside the sinus. Your doctor gives a local anesthetic before the procedure and uses a scalpel to open the abscess. The surgeon will clean all the debris, hair, pus, and blood inside the abscess, and it fastens the healing process.

Phenol Injection

Your doctor will apply a local anesthetic agent to numb the area. Then, they will inject a phenol injection into the cyst, which acts as an antiseptic. You may need to get multiple phenol injections to get the best results. The Phenol injection will harden the lesion, and gradually it will close.


Pilonidal cyst surgery is the best treatment if you have recurring pilonidal cyst infection. Your surgeon will apply a local anesthetic agent, and it helps in removing all debris and unwanted hair. The doctor will open the lesion, and it will help you get a permanent cure.

These treatments help you get relief from the pain and swelling. Hence, you can lead a better life, and also you can carry out your daily work efficiently. The surgeon will stitch the wounds after surgery, and it will help you get permanent relief.

Find a Good Doctor

Before you get the treatment, it’s important to find a good doctor. You can go search the classifieds and directories that will help you know about the doctors. Hence, you will find a top pilonidal cyst surgeon that will help you receive the best treatment. And you must reveal your problems in detail that will help your doctor understand the actual cause of the discomfort.

How to prevent pilonidal cyst infection?

Now, it’s good to learn about the tips that will help you avoid getting the infection:

  • Lose weight and you can reduce chances of getting a pilonidal cyst infection
  • Never sit for too long, as it puts more pressure on the buttocks, and you may get a pilonidal cyst infection
  • Wash your buttocks regularly and dry the area, and you won’t get the infection
  • Shave the hair around your buttocks, and thus, the unwanted hair won’t give rise to any complication

Following these habits will reduce the chances of getting infected, and you can lead a normal way of life. Still, if you get the infection, you need to consult a colorectal surgeon who will carry out the surgery. The surgeon will make you aware of the pilonidal cyst causes, and it becomes easy to know how the doctor will provide the treatment.

When do you get the pilonidal disease?

Are you facing recurring pilonidal cyst infection? Then you have a pilonidal disease, and your doctor will recommend surgery. Nowadays, surgeons use advanced medical tools, and they can complete the surgery successfully. Sometimes, you may need to take off from daily work if you have severe pain and swelling. Your healthcare provider may provide you with good suggestions that will give you relief while you are at your workplace.

Take the Medicines

Make sure you are taking the medicines your doctor has prescribed. It will help you get well soon, and you will learn why it’s good to consult a pilonidal cyst specialist. Usually, doctors prescribe antibiotics that help in treating skin inflammation. However, antibiotics won’t cure your infection; they can only give you relief from the pain.

Finally, your doctor will start the treatment, and it’s important to learn how much time it will take to cure the pilonidal cyst infection. Doctors drain out the entire fluid and pus, and the lesion will gradually get closed. Once you visit your doctor, you will get a clear idea of the modern treatments available to reduce the pain. It’s time to get the right treatment, and the doctors know how to treat pilonidal cyst infection. 

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