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Great Ways to Fill Time When It Snows

When people think of fun in the snow, their minds often turn to sledding, snowboarding, or skiing. However, there are many other fun activities a person can enjoy in the snow. The following are some ideas every person should try the next time their yard is blanketed in this substance from the sky.

A New Twist on Snow Angels

Some people don’t like to lie on the ground and make snow angels. However, they still enjoy making gorgeous pictures in the snow. Doing so is easy.

Make a picture with snow boots and ask others to guess what was drawn. Start with the interior of the picture and move outward to avoid stepping in already completed areas.

Another option involves using gardening tools to draw pictures in the snow. The snow serves as a blank canvas, so be creative when decorating the landscape.

Make Indoor Snowmen

When the snow is coming down and it is too cold to go outside or visibility is low, consider making indoor snowmen. Create faces on marshmallows and enjoy eating them. Kids can create entire snowmen from marshmallows or just make faces. They may also enjoy putting their creations in a cup of hot, homemade cocoa.

Blow Bubbles

Make bubble solution at home by mixing four cups of warm water with 1/2 cup each of granulated sugar and liquid dish soap. Add some food coloring or essential oils and begin blowing the bubbles. Once the temperature drops below freezing, go outside and blow the bubbles to see them freeze and shatter.

Consider doing this activity when it is dark outside. Add some glow-in-the-dark paint to the bubble solution. The bubbles will light up before they freeze and shatter, which kids are sure to love.

Make Flyers for Lost Snowmen

Build a snowman and take pictures. When the snow melts, go around the neighborhood and put up flyers for the missing snowman. This will put a smile on the neighbors’ faces and have them looking forward to the next snowfall to see if the missing snowman is found.

Follow a Snowflake

Look up at the snow as it is falling. Choose one snowflake to follow to the ground. See if it takes a straight path or veers left and right when doing so.

Next, challenge a family member to pick a snowflake and see whose flake makes it to the ground first. This is more challenging because a person cannot point out which snowflake they are following. In addition, they need to choose two snowflakes at a similar starting point.

Do a Photoshoot

Capture memories of the snowfall by planning a photo shoot. Make this a major event and pick out different outfits that can be worn in the snow. Allow family members to change between photos. Take pictures in various parts of the yard, as well. Families often find these photos turn out to be some of their favorites, as they capture people when they are relaxed and having fun.

These are only a few of the many ways to enjoy the snow. There are countless other things a person can do when it snows. Create a mix of indoor and outdoor activities, so everyone in the family has fun and looks forward to the next snowfall with great anticipation.

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