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Famous Food Of India

Food is not for foodies but if we follow India then in India foodies and delicious food and food full of pleasure are available everywhere. There are the taste of food and the famous foods of India which people travel from far and wide to eat. There are some Indian dishes that contain a lot of swat, they are made in a very dressy way, like palak paneer pakan, gol gappe, chana chaat, are many dishes that are among the most loved dishes in India. The famous Indian cuisine has such a delicious taste that every viewer will crave for it, it uses many examples and is cooked very well. There are some foods and some are so delicious in the hands of people that people love to eat food. In India the food trend is very high and food lovers are found very much. Food is prepared with different examples and How charming they are that everyone likes to eat their food and others invite each other to eat and like to eat.


If we talk about the naan that are used in India, they are very interesting and fun, they are very soft, they add morning to the food and the hearts that are placed on them make a person’s heart try. There are so many and with such things, a person’s use of such things is incomplete until he does not use them. It will be fried and cooked by applying, and if done, its milk will increase more. By the way, the thing made in tandoor is free from oil and it is not oily, so people like to eat it more and generally people avoid it, but people do not avoid this food because it is very soft and fun to eat.

Fish curry

Who doesn’t like fish? Fish has so much flavour that people love it. In India, fish is generally used, but fish is used a lot because its taste is so great that everyone likes to eat it. It is prepared with it and it is food. Fish curry is so delicious that everyone likes to eat it, it is nutritious and also contains vitamins. Everyone likes to eat it. In India, people use fish a lot because it is a delicious dish. If fish curry is prepared with spicy examples and cooked by frying it, its taste increases and people also like to eat it because of its popularity. Fish curry is very useful and people like to eat it without frying it.


Talking about biryani, biryani is not a fan of biryani, generally people use biryani a lot at home. It is not found in anything, it is prepared by putting it in and biryani is made with a printer. Everyone has their own taste but the number of biryani lovers is huge. Biryani is prepared with 12 masala and hot spices are used more in it. If you have good rice, the taste of biryani is enhanced. If good rice is used to make biryani, then its link is increased, similarly good examples should be used in biryani, curd should be used and if mutton is used, then the taste of biryani is increased. Chicken Biryani is preferred and is the most commonly eaten biryani in India.

Tandoori Fish

There are different ways to prepare fish, some make fish curry, some fry the fish, some make it Tandoori fish, some people prepare the fish in the oven and leave it for 24 hours with various spices. And then it is fried and then it tastes so good that one’s mouth waters, the taste of fish is so appealing that one’s heart wants to eat that fish again and again. Generally in India, fish is eaten very fondly in India, some people fry it, some make curry. The main advantage of tandoori fish is that it is clean from the beginning, it is cooked with spices at age and it is very fun and it tastes very good.

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Uneeb Khan
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