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Exterior digital menu board

When you get digital, your menu is not extended just a list of options. It progresses into an adaptable and dynamic display intended to inform, excite, and increase check averages. Outdoor digital menu boards are affordable and simple to use, giving you the ability to offer optimum ROI.

Menu display boardare being used by restaurants, corner shops, and even concession stands. Going digital simplifies things for both operators and customers. Itmay assist improve the customer experience while allowing the menu to sell itself.

Menu Items Can Be Changed in Real Time

Every day, itenables you to smoothly transition from brunch to lunch to dinner. Get rid of out-of-stock items so your personnel don’t have to deliver unpleasant news. Update offers and prices in real time and dynamically. It’s so simple with the Venus Control Suite’s intuitive cloud-based interface, which provides a quick and straightforward method to update your menus and advertising throughout the day. We provide a wide spectrum of Exterior digital menu boards solutions, from single to multi-screen.

Convenience Stores and Restaurants

Visitors waiting to order may plainly observe available menu items thanks to the smart positioning of digital display board throughout the facility. Indoor and outdoor digital menu boards make it simple to promote daily and weekly specials, upsell to improve sales, and even provide nutrition information to health-conscious guests.


Theyare an efficient way to get visitors down your line and back into their seats. They will not miss a single second of the action. Change the menu and messaging as needed throughout the day, and even promote special sports complex events. Theymake it simple to include branding and co-branding, allowing your stadium, team, or concessions provider to share the screen.

Easy Content Management

Outdoor digital menu boards provide a fast, dependable, and simple online content management platform. Using expert digital board templates, you can create content like a pro. Menu boards can be scheduled and changed on the fly at a single place or across your entire network. Create laser- focused initiatives that produce significant outcomes.

A Digital Menu is Worth a Thousand Bites

Traditional boards and banners are replaced by a computerized menu board. It conveys a more realistic image of your meal, allowing you the potential to entice visitors and make them eager. A digital display board allows you to have more influence over where your visitors’ eyes go. Make use of video and animations. People waiting in line or passing by your restaurant might be entertained and educated.

Sure, a style of writing chalkboard menu looks beautiful (especially if you utilize a fantastic artist), but that’s a lot of information to convey on a platform typically found in daycares. And neon fonts are not easy to read for everyone. Digital menus are bright and clear, and they allow you to make effective use of blank space, making your signs easy to read.

Exterior digital menu board

Menu Board Patterns – Design Like A Pro

In a flash, design digital display boards like an expert. Choose from widespread library templates, or have us develop a fully-branded design for you. It’s your menu; you make the selection.

Menu Board Pos Integration

  • With integrated digital display boards, your Light speed POS can change your meals in seconds.
  • Harmony’s digital menu board and menu board software is simple to update.
  • Agreement allows you to remotely update items, special offers, limited-time promotions, and other information from any web browser, including your smartphone.
  • But there’s an even easier approach for those who constantly adjust their prices or deals. POS to DMB connection allows you to instantly update your displays from your POS. So, if you modify the burger price on the POS, the price is automatically updated on your boardswithin minutes.
  • The connection can be limited to price and availability (allowing the POS to toggle menu items on/off), but it can also pull additional data from the POS.
  • Direct guests to profitable menu items.
  • Highlight special offers or LTOs: bright, vibrant colors and motion capture and maintain guest attention.
  • Full-screen takeover will entice passers-by.
  • Increase order accuracy with simple on-screen order confirmation.

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