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Everything You Should Know About Apple AirTag

The AirTag is a tiny tracking device in the form of a button. You can find lost or stolen products with the aid of AirTags using ultra-wideband technology and Apple’s already-existing network of devices.

After years of rumours, Apple finally introduced the long-awaited AirTag in April 2021. The tiny circular tag is intended to be affixed to objects like wallets and keys, enabling Bluetooth tracking of these accessories alongside Apple devices via the Find My app.

AirTag Design

The AirTag is a tiny monitoring device with a button, a glossy white front that may be customised and silver backing. The CR2032 batteries inside AirTags are the focus of their design.  The diameter of AirTag is 1.26 inches, and its height is 0.31 inches or 8 millimetres. It is 0.39 ounces heavy (11 grams).

Price of AirTag

A single AirTag costs $29, and four AirTags may be purchased for $99 as a set.

The pricing of AirTags sold directly from Apple does not include the extras required to connect the AirTag.

Which iPhones are Compatible with AirTags

Any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch running iOS/iPad 14.5 or later is compatible with AirTags. Users can more precisely find objects using UWB (ultra-wideband) technology by using the built-in U1 chip on iPhone 11 or later (except iPhone SE 2nd generation and iPhone SE 3rd generation).

However, the accuracy finder will not be available on any previous iPhone 11 models that do not have the U1 processor. They will still be able to locate your AirTag on a map, and if they are within range, they can use the “Play Sound” function to announce the AirTag.

Setup of Apple AirTags

The setup is easy. Pull the tab to turn on the AirTag after taking the gadget out of the packaging. Hold it close to a compatible mobile device; the compatible device will identify the tracker and ask you to set it up. The AirTag you create can then be named after the object it will be used to track. That’s it; the AirTag is now linked to your Apple ID.

How does it Work

Your AirTag emits a safe Bluetooth signal that other adjacent Find My network devices can pick up. These gadgets broadcast your AirTag’s location to iCloud, where you may view it on a map in the Find My app. Your privacy is protected during the entire procedure via anonymity and encryption. There is no need to be concerned about battery life or data usage because it is efficient.

AirTag Range

Although Apple has not officially specified the AirTag’s range, the maximum Bluetooth range is approximately 100 metres, so an AirTag should be trackable at least that far away.

AirTag Battery and Charging

The CR2032 battery used by AirTags can be changed and is intended to last for around a year. The batteries are user-replaceable, and you may remove the panel of the AirTag by pressing and twisting it.

An AirTag does not require charging because Apple built them with user-replaceable CR2032 batteries.

You’ll receive a message that the battery needs to be changed if AirTag’s battery is running low.

Does AirTag Use My Location?

Apple needs to know where you are to locate your missing item. Open Settings > Privacy > Location Services and turn the option “On” to make Find My Location tracking possible. Make sure Find My in your list of apps is set to While Using the App by scrolling down and finding it there.

Is AirTags water-resistant?

Although AirTags have an IP67 classification, they are water, splash, and dust resistant but not waterproof. The tracker can survive water for a maximum of 30 minutes at a depth of up to one metre. In addition to water, the AirTag can function in temperatures ranging from 20° to 60° C.

Can I see other devices around my AirTag?

Only the user of an AirTag may locate their AirTag; no other Apple devices in the area can be found.

Although Apple claims that “no location data or location history is physically saved inside AirTag,” AirTags use the devices linked to its network to find lost devices. To ensure that only the device’s owner has access to location information, communication with the Find My network is end-to-end encrypted.

What AirTags Allow you to Track

You can track items using AirTag, including your luggage, backpack, wallet, and other things. Your AirTag will appear in the Items area of the Find My app when you set it up with your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch and attach it to your item.

Final Words

AirTags are practical goods that are well-made and have high security and privacy features. Purchase AirTags if you want to track anything, like if you’re someone who constantly looks for their wallets or keys.

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