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Everything to Know About Blood Transfusion

Blood transfusion involves replacing the blood loss due by any person who has been gravely wounded, suffered an injury, or underwent surgery. It is also a superior choice by doctors to provide blood and its components to cater to any patient’s extreme medical conditions. 

The blood used in blood transfusion comes from different donors. The transfusion is widely accepted and considered the best for treating patients by giving them blood supplements. It is a safe, balanced, checked, and low-risk treatment.

What is Blood Transfusion? 

A blood transfusion is a common medical practice involving transferring blood or blood components through an intravenous line (IV). The process is carried out if patients’ blood components are too low, the quality of blood is not satisfactory, or the result of an injury causes massive blood loss. This is a safe procedure that requires proper vigilance and extreme care. 

What Conditions Make Blood Transfusion Necessary? 

Surgeries and diseases that cause blood loss and deterioration of blood are super harmful to our bodies. In this regard, our bodies need a blood transfusion to keep the healthy process going on. Following are a few disorders, diseases, and medical attention that require a blood transfusion. 

  • The first disorder to mention is Anemia. It is a disorder in which the patient’s body doesn’t have enough red blood cells. A blood transfusion is carried out to eliminate iron deficiency from the body. 
  • The most severe diseases in the world are Cancer. When these severe diseases overtake your body’s tissues, blood transfusion becomes pivotal for the patient’s survival. 
  • Another disease that requires blood transfusion is Hemophilia. This is a bleeding disorder in which the patient’s body cannot clot the blood properly. 
  • Sickle Cell Disease is a blood cell disorder that alters the physical state of red blood cells. 
  • In some cases, if a patient has a blood disorder or severe liver complications, getting a blood transfusion is what doctors mention. 

The Functioning Process of Blood Transfusion

Blood transfusion work is quite easy way. The storage of blood is done in medical bags to carry out the process smoothly. The bag is then connected to an intravenous line (IV) made of tubing. Moving towards the final step, the tubes are attached to the veins, and the stored blood in the bag is then transferred to your circulatory system. 

Blood transfusion depends upon many figures, and the process may take up to several hours, depending upon the patient’s conditions, both physically and emotionally. But one thing that you must not be worried about is that the healthcare industry is a fast-pacing industry, and steps are being taken to ensure patient safety during a blood transfusion. All the donated blood or blood components are tested explicitly before using it in the transfusions.  

Types of Blood Transfusion 

When your doctor recommends you to take blood transfusion, there are several types that blood transfusion is divided into. Some of the types are;

  • Red Blood Cell Transfusion

The first is red blood cell transfusion. This type of transfusion is done on patients who have iron deficiency in them. Upon taking a blood test, if your red blood cells are lower than the required amount, your doctor will ask to take a red blood cell transfusion to overcome the deficiency and the risks of Anemia. 

  • Platelet Transfusion

The next is platelet transfusion. It is important to know that platelets are the tiny cells present in your blood. The role of these small cells is to stop bleeding and save a person from blood loss. When a person is asked to take platelet transfusion, the reason for it is to give your body the small cells that aren’t enough at the time start. It also increases the chances of Cancer. So, doctors or physicians ask a person to take platelet transfusion as it helps in cancer treatments. 

  • Plasma Transfusion

Another type of transfusion is plasma transfusion. In this type of blood transfusion, the doctors replace the proteins in your blood that are resulting in blood clotting. Getting a plasma transfusion becomes mandatory if a patient has severe bleeding that is not stopping at all and increases the chances of liver diseases. 

  • White Blood Cell Transfusion 

The last type of blood transfusion is white blood cell transfusion, which doctors recommend and ask patients to fight a severe infection that is not leaving their body. Through white blood cell transfusion, empowering blood is transfused so that one scan easily fight off infections. 

How Do I Prepare Myself for Blood Transfusion? 

A blood test is done before a blood transfusion. For this, you can take a blood test at home Dubai so that your doctor can determine through the test results if your blood type is A, B, AB, or O. it also helps the doctor or physician understands whether your body needs Rh positive or Rh negative. 

The Benefits of Blood Transfusion

Blood transfusion is safe for medical professionals in hospitals, clinics, or even homes. Following are a few benefits of getting a blood transfusion. 

  • The first benefit it offers is that all the red blood cells carry oxygen from your body to your heart and brain. An inefficiency of red blood cells may cause obstacles in breathing. So blood transfusion ensures the safety of oxygen to the heart and brain. 
  • Blood platelets help prevent and control bleeding due to low blood platelet count. Blood transfusion also increases the blood platelets, making you more fit. 
  • Plasma in the blood transfusion also helps to prevent or control bleeding excessively. 
  • At the time of surgery, a lot of blood is lost, which brings severe hemoglobin levels. With blood transfusion, the blood level is ensured so is hemoglobin. 
  • Another benefit of blood transfusion is that the new blood transfused blood carries oxygen through your body to your heart. 

The Final Words

In a nutshell, one can say that blood transfusion is a safe procedure that replaces all the harmful and destructive blood in the body that needs to be transfused. It helps patients in extreme life-threatening medical conditions. 

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that blood transfusion is a lifesaving act, with only a few mild side effects, which can be lowered by providing extensive care. 

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