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Everything About Google Spam Update 2022

In October this year, Google confirmed that they have completed the Google spam update October 2022 and the updates appear to be relatively mild whereas there are overall rankings have not moved much since the spam has been rolled out. 

In this blog of ours, we are going to tell you more about Google update spam so that you are aware of it and can act accordingly on Google. 

Now, since the spam update has rolled out there are some things that you should avoid which have been considered spam activities of Google. So, let us have a look at the activities which are considered spam activities – 

Cloaking –This means misleading searches about the content on the landing pages 

Hidden text and links – This includes any items which are not visible to humans. 

Stuffing of keywords – Stuffing of keywords is unnecessary and excessive inclusion of words or numbers is not required. 

Linking spam – Links that do not provide real value to the content 

Misleading functionality – The pages which do not offer the benefits which they claim to then it is considered spam 

Scraped content – Content that is essentially replicated from other sites is also considered as spam 

Spammy automatically generated content – Auto-generated content is shaped for the sake of having content which is also spamming 

Purpose of the spam update 

The main goal of Google is to reduce spam from Google but when we look at the 900 million plus domains which are tracked and most of these sites are heavily content-based and which are not product oriented. 

When we look at the sites which are affected then here is what we found there is thin content on these sites and they have poorly created meta tags. 

There is also so much of keyword stuffing on the content which is not at all required and good. 

Google search spam update 

Google spam update is actually done to maintain some useful search results also it is also used to improve the automated spam detecting systems and Google also issues search spam updates on a regular basis for its users. 

It evaluates a process that analyzes spam sources which also includes some low-quality sites which trick users into providing personal information or installing malware. 

The low-quality sites track the users into providing their personal information or installing malware which is considered spam by Google there are other types of spam which include phishing spam, websites that are disguising them as some other reputable sites, or anything which that are malicious behind it. 


From what we have observed from the majority of the Google algorithm update in October 2022 we see that most of the updates basically focused on the content, meta tags, keywords, etc. 

And if you are interested in doing well in the long run then you need to stay updated with the updates so that you are doing well in the SEO and in the Google search.

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Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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