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Fours are known for their uniqueness and ability to be different from others. They are creative and have distinctive personalities.

Fours feel a deep conflict because they want to connect with others. However, they think that very few people can see them as they are.

Deepest Fear Enneagram Fours fear they are not perfect and will miss out on a fundamental element of happiness that all people have. They find the ideal niche to express their uniqueness and be appreciated to cope with this fear.

Core Motivations Fours are driven by their desire to be different and express themselves. This is achieved through creativity and identification with those aspects of their personality they find lacking or inadequate.

The Type 4 Key Personality Traits

  • Differentiated inner and outer presentation
  • Important artistic outlets
  • Quirky and charming
  • Melancholic expression
  • Strong sense of identity
  • You may feel empty.
  • Passionate about self-expression

How rare are Enneagram 4s!

  • A Truity survey of over 54,000 people revealed that Type Fours comprised about 11% of the population. This is 12% for women and 10% for men.

Type 4 Enneagram In Depth

Individualists can be distinguished by their unconventional fashion choices, creative interests, and lifestyle. Individualists are quirky and charming yet have a solid drive to find their true selves. Their well-being is dependent on their ability to create, not consume.

Fours spend a lot of time reflecting on their past and using those feelings and experiences as a springboard to create new ideas and musings.

Individualists create original work by continuously exploring their inner self (conscious and unconscious) through a process that is not constrained by others’ expectations.

Individualists have trouble attaching to parts of themselves they consider deficient. Fours are more likely to identify as those who are less flawed than others. They tend to overlook the positive aspects of themselves and praise the positive qualities in others.

Fours can be creative, compassionate, and self-aware at their best. They can also be self-destructive and victimizing at their worst. 

Fours are just like Type Twos or Type Threes. They make up the Enneagram’s “heart-based” trinity. This triad’s core emotion is sadness. Fours, Twos, and Threes struggle with the feeling that they can’t be loved for what they are.

However, fours are more likely to feel compelled to express their grief than to repress it or feel confused. This type of sadness can become a part of their identity.

Individualist Fours have a complex and deep relationship with their emotions. Fours can grow when they learn to let go of their heads and allow others to love and accept them.

Enneagram’s Core Values 4s

  • The pinnacle of an Individual’s existence is authenticity and self-expression.
  • Their ultimate goal is to have the world recognize and appreciate their unique identity.
  • They believe their distinctiveness should be maintained.
  • Suffering in the ‘trends’ is a form of self-betrayal.

How to Recognize an Enneagram

Individualists are outgoing, self-confident, and proud to be unique. They often pursue a creative outlet, such as comedy, animation, or music.

They want to be authentic and present themselves to the world to feel whole, healthy, and natural. An Individualist’s lifestyle and approach often reflect a person who is open to new ideas and explores their inner world through appearance.

Individualists love flea markets and thrift stores. Individualists are very serious about their self-expression. Individualists evaluate each decision to ensure it aligns with their values.

Healthy vs. Healthy vs. Unhealthy Enneagram 4s

Fours can create innovative and thought-provoking art when they’re healthy. This helps shift the perspective toward the greater good. They are ideal synthesizers and can help others redefine what art should look like. The significant shifts in fashion styles and eras can be attributed to the innovative thinking of self-actualized Individualists. They can transform past experiences into new art. Individualists are highly sensitive to their emotions and undergo a metamorphosis within the cocoon of self-acceptance before finally emerging as a butterfly with wings.

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They may find a way to release their stress when they are normal and can bond with like-minded people to get inspiration and support. They are emotional and reflective and seek authenticity. Sometimes, this can be at the cost of others’ patience or feelings. Individualists are self-absorbed and creatively expressive. They use their mood and inspiration board to find their unique identity and build it. They may be hypersensitive to criticism but are firm in their opinions. They may seek praise and flattery. Others may try to relate to or copy their experiences and might be offended.

Fours can become depressed, moody, and fragile if they are not healthy. They may develop a tendency to ruminate, which can be disruptive to their creativity and natural abilities. Extreme cases may cause them to lose control of reality and resort to radical sensory coping mechanisms like alcohol or hallucinogens. Individualists spiral into a never-ending circle of dead ends and roundabouts, searching for the missing piece. Individualists can fall into the same pitfalls and make the same mistakes if they refuse to admit to their self-destructive thinking and behaviors. Individualists are more likely to believe that they are somehow broken. Individualists can become so stressed that they may decide to remove all contact with the internet and shut off from the rest of the world.

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