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How to become an elopement photographer?

You are prepared to take the next steps toward your dream job! Greetings and welcome to the club, my buddy. Below are the things you need to know to become an elopement photographer. Each step will require time to perfect, but it will be so effing worth it!

  • Design the portfolio 

Your group photos are of no use here. You must be selective with images and choose those that accurately depict elopements. The intimate images, the majestic images, the jaw-dropping view of this couple and that background image! When potential clients are evaluating you, they first examine your photographs. They want to know if they appear in the photographs. Less is more; few clients will sift through thirty photographs of your work. Then, if they like what they see, they can further explore your Instagram.

  • Know the problems of clients

The days of relatives and photographing twenty people are over! However, there is a new set of issues to consider. These couples are likely looking for someone who understands why they are eloping and the various obstacles they face, such as where to file paperwork and what their elopement will look like. Understanding the challenges your couple faces will strengthen your bond with them.

  • Build your digital presence 

Elopement, elopement, elopement. What does your site state? Consistency should be your top priority when evaluating your website. If customers have difficulty understanding your brand, you will lose them. Verify that your website does not contain the phrase “best action photographer” unless you are prepared to make that your niche! Manifest this woman. You must post photos of the destinations you wish to visit and the couples you wish to attract. Examine your Instagram feed to determine the message you’re sending to clients. Do you enjoy the content? You should change the message from traditional weddings to the adventurous elopement days you desire! same audit you are performing on the website; maintain clarity and consistency.

  • Evaluate your value 

Not here! We are transparent with our pricing because we have researched what it takes and what our costs are, and we are confident in our worth. You are familiar with the rates you charged for other types of photography, but when you become an elopement photographer, you must reevaluate your skills and costs. Put pen to paper and jot down your areas of confidence and areas for improvement. Reviewing a list is the first step in constructing a price.

  • Set up your automated system and start taking clients.

You cannot excel at everything you attempt. Not going to happen. Find the areas you enjoy and are proficient in, and automate what you can! Emails are the easiest thing to automate. This can be such a time-sucking black hole. The best way to truly serve your couples is to send them helpful emails containing guides. It is necessary to acquire experience with elopements. You may begin with nearby locations and progress to those further away. To build your reputation, it is beneficial to begin with people you know or are separated from by a small number of steps. These couples will already have a level of trust in you, allowing you to begin accumulating reviews. Once you have established momentum, let everyone know that you are the one!

If you are looking for a professional elopement photographer. You can contact us to book your elopement package for your big day. . 

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