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Eastern Ladies Fashion Trends: Every Women Should Try

Fashion is unique in all parts of the world. We love how every country has its own ethnic touch and feel in the attires they wear. Fashion is becoming universal and people are more willing to try different trends. Eastern and western trends are mingling well and the final products are incredible. We are in love with these unique experiments, which allow us to create completely new and exceptional outfit ranges.

Contemporary fashion is not restricted to clothing alone. Accessories are now a part of the complete fashion look. Even ethnic clothing materials like the chiffon collection now incorporate intricately designed handbags and other accessories to complete the look. Moreover, the fusion of eastern and western trends has given birth to classy and dazzling attires around the globe.

When it comes to eastern fashion, designers are experimenting with the hip trends of the ‘70s and ‘90s. There is a variety of styles to go for which are anything but boring. Let’s talk about some of the most stylish and uber chic eastern trends, which are just right to flaunt on parties, weddings, luncheons, and so on.

Bell Bottoms

Satisfy your inner fashionista and get some creative cuts. Bell bottoms are not new to the fashion world. But they have made their way back to the trend game quite dramatically. You can carry them formally and casually. Pair them with funky short tops for casual occasions. You can even wear them with tees. For formal events and dinners, pair them up with peplums or short frocks. Invest in embellished trousers if you want to stay on top of the trend game.


Capes are both western and eastern. If you want to pull off a royal and regal look, capes can do that for you. add a distinct charm with a formal cape and you will stand out from the crowd at weddings, parties, and dinners.

Capes are very practical. You can wear them over a variety of outfit options from wedding dresses and skirts to even jumpsuits and sarees. If you don’t want to wear a cape over your dress, go for the ones which are attached to the shoulders of your shirt. Capes look fabulous both ways. Just make sure you choose the right fabric to flaunt the flowy dress. Materials like crepe, silk, and chiffon are best for the purpose.

Medium Shirts Paired with Cigarette Pants

This easy-breezy trend is effortless to carry and looks very smart. Get hold of some nice ethnic shirts and pair them up with cigarette pants in neutral colors. With the right accessories, you will turn many heads. Cigarette pants look classy and trendy for women of all ages. They will also make you look smarter with its narrow, straight fit. Pair a few short shirts with all your pants and flaunt them stunningly on any occasion.

Off-Shoulder Tops

These tops are an amalgam of Eastern and Western trends, which makes them fit to wear anywhere in the world. The off-shoulder trend persevered and it goes on to be of the trending styles this year. try this unique and appealing cut. You can get off-shoulder capes, tops, and shirts to be paired with pants or skirts. From special events to casual get-togethers, this classy and elegant style is a wardrobe must.

Palazzo Paired with Short Shirts

Make a fashion statement with evergreen palazzo pants paired with short shirts. Not only they are chic and ethnic, but they also look stunning on formal occasions. When you cannot decide what to wear, give this killer combo a shot and you will be good to go.

Bell Sleeves

Love bell sleeves? The good news is that they are back! From embellished and embroidered bell sleeves to plain ones, they sure add a lot of style to simple shirts, frocks, and even jumpsuits. Women are drooling over this ‘70s come back and we can’t agree more. Also, you have a lot of freedom when it comes to wearing bell sleeves. You can pair them with formal trousers for women, skirts, or even jeans. They look equally good.

Don’t forget to add this retro style to your closet and experiment with the flare variations. A fashion mag can really help you here. It’s time to get yourself bombarded with compliments and blow the crowds away!

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Uneeb Khan
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