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Easiest Ways of Detecting Leaks

Maintaining affairs at home is not a joke. If tiny droplets falling off a shower after a bath or water
droplets seen on a wall don’t bother you, you are in for a big surprise!! Slight negligence can
lead to major disasters. Water leakage is one of the major troubles that can make you go
sleepless and leave you troubled. This leakage can be due to various reasons, including –
Leaking tap or AC
Dripping taps or faucets
Clogging of drains
Breaking of seals of connectors
Corroding plumbing components like pipes and joints
Intruding vegetation
Cracking walls
Rapidly changing temperatures
Plumbers from Melbourne and Geelong come with an experience of decades and expertly handle all such
Dripping water can cause a lot of damage if it remains undetected –
Spoils the walls
Creates moulds
Creates a gross smell
Dishevells the look of the house
Damages the water system
Wastage of a valuable resource
Water bill mounts
Leads to major damages if left unattended
Plumbers from Geelong are experts on the matter and are just a call away!
If you are smart and observant, the leaks are very easily detectable. All you need to do is follow
these simple tips, and half your burden goes away. Leave the rest to professionals who mend
everything proficiently within no time.

  1. Check the Water Meter

If the water bill has been a cause of concern for a few months, check for the use of
water. Any unnecessary usage or wastage may be the cause of concern. But it can be
something else too. Keep a log of water usage on a weekly basis. Make a note of any
extra reading. If it recurs next week, that’s a caution sign. Any sign of extra usage, more
than the requirement, means leakage. A sudden surge in water usage without any actual
rise in demand needs immediate checking.
Check the meter at a time when no water usage takes place on a routine basis. Any
movement in the meter means the water is leaking from some tap or faucet. Find the
source or hire expert Plumbers from Geelong to take proper care of this trouble.

  1. Check for discolouration of walls
    If the walls show discolouration or irregular bubbling underneath that expensive
    wallpaper, it’s a clear sign of water seepage. Seeping water in the walls causes the
    weakening of the foundation of the house. It is extremely unhealthy as it leads to the
    growth of moulds on the wall causing sinus and other respiratory ailments. The house
    starts looking like a mess as it looks like black fungus growing on the walls. This growth
    also gives a musty smell called mildew to the very unwelcoming house.
  2. Check the washroom
    The washroom needs to be checked thoroughly. The shower, the toilet, the bathtub, and
    the leak could be anywhere. Constant checking of the dripping showerhead, or water
    leaking from its base after usage, the water constantly running in the toilet pot, the
    leaking pipes behind the bathtub, and all the other bathroom gadgets like the water
    heater helps in attending to the leak in time, without causing much damage to the house
    as well as the pocket.
  3. Check outside
    Any pool or puddle outside the house or the garden indicates a leak somewhere. It may
    be a dripping spigot or a ruptured pipe. The gadgets in the garden are prone to changing
    temperatures that can cause them to malfunction. Before giving a vague idea to all
    passers-by and guests, about the owners being careless and clumsy, stop the main
    supply and ask for the professional help from Plumbers from Geelong who can solve
    all water leakage-related issues in no time.
  4. Check the kitchen

The appliances in the kitchen are susceptible to wear and tear. Even new ones can
cause trouble and start a leak as their connection is to a water base. The leak can be in
their connection to the source. A leak in the hose connection causes a lot of trouble as it
may lead to sparking or short circuit. Plumbers from Geelong extend professional help
for correcting leakages before they cause a disaster.

Every Drop Counts
Finding a leak isn’t rocket science. All it needs is vigilance and an observant eye. Leak
detectors are the latest invention for the detection of leaks. This invention is a boon for
homeowners. Plumbers from Geelong excel in this invention and have helped thousands
overcome their leakage problems. Every drop matters and must be managed judiciously.

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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