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EarnViews Guide: How Fashion Brands Can Master Instagram?

Instagram is a hub of creativity and marketing. It is an app with a plethora of business benefits. You can see videos of fashion brands whenever you open a social media platform. It is enormous in numbers! Although in this highly trafficked app, there are still many chances brands can get to the top place in the online market. Fashion is an industry with endless possibilities and never fades. The fashion industry is one of the trendsetters for all the trends and active topics on Instagram. 

Fashion brands have never failed to captivate a large number of audiences. It is enough to raise your conversion rates if you have a loyal customer base on Instagram. Moreover, to build engagement, brands can try to buy instagram impressions and amplify their recognition effortlessly. But how can beginner brands explore the app? This article significantly emphasizes the steps to improve the marketing strategies for fashion brands. So let’s get straight into the article! 

Reason For Success Behind The Fashion Brands Using Instagram

Instagram is a highly visual platform where fashion brands can build their robust community. Everyone has a different fashion sense. Instagram has become a place to share opinions, start conversations, etc. Nowadays, Instagram marketing plays a significant role in boosting the sales of fashion brands. Even bigger brands like Gucci and Louis Vuitton hold Instagram accounts. 

If you see, the daily routine of most individuals after waking in the early morning is scrolling through Instagram feeds. The reports show that nearly 72% of people make purchase decisions by watching Instagram videos. Instagram has made a massive impact on the ROI for brands. Moreover, any new product launched from the brand is first revealed on Instagram. With Instagram shoppable posts, it has become relatively easy to purchase fashion products for the audience. When they enter Instagram shops, they can shop the products by clicking on the link. 

How Can Fashion Brands Uplift Their Instagram Marketing Strategy?

1. Content Strategies

If your fashion brand wants to stand out from the crowd, you must create eye-grabbing content. Then, you can try including the content types listed in your content marketing mix. 

  • Product Features
  • Brand story
  • New product launch
  • Product updates
  • User-generated Contents/ Testimonials
  • Behind-the-scenes
  • Before and after fashion looks
  • Lifestyle content
  • FAQ

2. Be A Trendsetter

Work with your fashion designers team and brainstorm ideas to create new fashion accessories. Spot the right trends and do it first. Sustainable fashion has always been a trending topic. So try to incorporate those concepts into your videos. Use the trending hashtags as much as possible. More prominent brands can conduct or sponsor fashion events and promote them on Instagram. You can even release weekly fashion magazines, newsletters, etc., 

3. Profile Optimization

Optimization of the profile is the first thing to be accomplished by fashion brands. If you have a poor profile, there is no point in all the promotional strategies you perform externally. So keep it clear and crisp. The user name should be your brand name, and the logo should emphasize the brand symbol. Place a clear and compelling profile picture. The bio should be about the brand’s authenticity, pride, and purpose. You can try to leverage EarnViews and shall build your profile reach. 

4. Connect With Influencers

Fashion influencers will help brands to grow more and more. They will juggle many outfit changes for a day and perform in the brand events. Brands can hire them and should pay a certain amount for their work; Fashion influencers, in general, are a direct representative of your brand with millions of followers. Sometimes, more than brands too! Apart from money, you can provide them freebies, vouchers, and fashion products of your brand in return for their work. If you spin up the influencer marketing strategy in particular intervals, you will become a smooth and successful brand on Instagram. 

5. Redefine Your CTA’s

When we say about fashion promotion on Instagram, CTA’s plays a significant role. If Instagram users like your content, they will seek more information. Where do they attain it? It is the link you embedded, as CTA will tell them more about your brand. So ensure the links are clickable and are directed to specific and relevant landing pages. 

Let’s Embrace Instagram For Fashion!

A business’s success depends on its performance. Hopefully, the guide provides you with all the information you can implement on Instagram. You can try using EarnViews and shine on the platform. Once you create the Instagram strategy and start seeing the results, you will try new things to manage your community. For example, it would be better to automate your Instagram marketing practices to deliver your content on time to the audience. Are you ready to entice more potential customers? Experience the real-time results. 

Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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