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E-Commerce ranking Italy: which are the best e-commerce sites

After the initial distrust of online purchases, Italians are now also frequent visitors to e-commerce sites operating in various sectors: from fashion ( Zalando , Privalia , etc …) to tourism ( Ryanair , Booking , etc …), from ‘publishing ( Feltrinelli , etc …) to electronics ( Mediaworld , etc …), to free time ( Ticketone , etc …) up to large “shopping centers” such as Amazon and Ebay .

If you are tempted by the idea of ​​opening an e-commerce site you are therefore navigating in the right direction: however, to ensure that your site is successful , it is worth taking a cue from winning case histories .

What are the best ecommerce sites?
The answer to this question comes from a sector study by Casaleggio Associati , a web consulting and services company.
Their E-commerce ranking with reference to Italy returns the 100 most popular e-commerce sites in our country; how was it drawn up? Based on data such as number of visits to the site, turnover, citations on other sites / blogs / forums and so on. Out of curiosity, data relating to the respective communities on Facebook and Twitter have also been entered.

Here are the top ten positions:

 To view the entire research click here .

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Uneeb Khan
Uneeb Khan
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