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DWG File Format: What you Need to Know?

DWG File Format: Image Source: openfileextension.com

There are several file formats in computer-aided design (CAD) for different software systems that encode information to meet specific purposes. For instance, JPG and PNG formats are made to save graphic content. You can choose a file format based on your needs, such as whether you need to print something on a plotter or see it on a computer screen. Each file format has its distinctive qualities.

The same is true of DWG, a vector graphic format that Autodesk has licensed. DWG, which stands for “drawing,” is mostly used to store 2D vector objects, including lines, circles, polygons, and curves.

You’ve probably heard of DWG files if you work in design in any capacity. In either case, you’ll definitely find something interesting in this short description. Let’s start now!

What is DWG File?

DWG, which stands for “Drawing,” is a binary file format for storing 2D and 3D design information. DWG files are essentially CAD (Computer-Aided Design) drawings made up of binary-coded metadata and vector image data. Most CAD programs, including AutoCAD, use it as their native format. In actuality, it was created in the 1970s by the same organization called “AutoDesk,” which created AutoCAD. Architects, engineers, and designers frequently use this format for various design tasks. CorelDRAW can open DWG files.

Windows DWG File Opening Compatible with:

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 10

Mac DWG Files Opening Compatible with:

  • macOS 10.12
  • macOS 10.13
  • macOS 10.14

What is the Purpose of DWG Files?

Drawing specialized blueprints and designs for various industries is the main usage for DWG files. The DWG file is widely used by a wide variety of professionals, from engineers carefully studying the latest design specifications to architects and town planners building public spaces.

A DWG file must be opened with specialized CAD software. Once you do, you’ll probably find multiple levels of intricate technical specifications along with drawings and diagrams.

DWG files include vector graphics as well as the necessary metadata to identify those vector graphics. This enables the author to fully develop their own 2D and 3D ideas on the screen rather than depending on extraneous data to support their work.

Advantages and Disadvantages of DWG File

Although DWG is frequently used for graphics when creating new engineering or architectural projects, there are also a few disadvantages.

Advantages of DWG files

DWG files are compatible with AutoDesk products without needing file conversion because it is the industry standard software provider for technical drawings and blueprints.

A DWG file is much smaller than its main rival DXF, which uses plain text because it is made primarily of binary data. Due to the storage space savings, it is now much more appropriate for sharing with colleagues.

The true elegance of the DWG is its ability to map 2D and 3D images together, making the two versions always compatible at various design phases.

Disadvantages of DWG Files

Though industry professionals prefer AutoDesk, DWG has a limited feature set. The DXF file format is increasingly frequently used for collaboration between agencies and their clients because more CAD programs support it.

Over time, the DWG format has gone through many changes. There are presently multiple iterations of the file extension, which is confusing. Furthermore, fresh capabilities added to subsequent versions of DWG may not be recognized by older applications, thus making entire files useless.

Without initially converting, DWGs cannot be read or opened by anything other than CAD software. Again, in terms of collaboration, this might be problematic.

DWG files: How are they developed?

Autodesk is the industry leader in CAD and is believed to have invented the DWG file format. Programmer Mike Riddle developed the Drawing file format. Riddle set out to create a solution in the late 1970s after realizing that current CAD systems “weren’t going to cut it.” He developed Interact in 1979, the first piece of software in history to use DWG as its default file format.

However, Interact CAD turned out to be constrictive. It had a little amount of memory in its early iterations. It has little impact on the industry. Only roughly 30 copies of the program had been sold prior to Riddle giving it to his friend John Walker. The software astounded Walker, who described it as a “chunk” that might be expanded upon to become much better. Walker didn’t pay Riddle for the rights up front because he didn’t want to gamble with his money and didn’t even recognize the product’s full potential. Riddle left the contract with the promise of receiving 10% of any program made using the file he created. Neither could foresee how lucrative the code would turn out to be.

After that, Riddle Walker and several other programmer buddies founded a new company named Autodesk. They constructed the framework of a complex tool that would revolutionize the design industry using Interact and its DWG file type. In 1982, AutoCAD was developed.

How to open a DWG File?

Use a DWG viewer to open the files if you don’t need to make any changes. You shouldn’t have any issues reading your DWGs as long as your PC has the appropriate software.

Here’s how to open a DWG in the desktop version of Adobe Illustrator:

Right-click the image file in the file explorer window or on your desktop. (To click the mouse, hold down the Command button on a Mac.)

Browse to the Open With section, then click the right arrow to see a list of programs able to open DWG files.

How to make a DWG file and edit it?

As previously said, you need one of the CAD programs to create and edit a DWG file from scratch. However, you can generate a file in Adobe Illustrator and convert it to DWG so that it can be opened in CAD software.

Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Choose the file from the “File menu” and open it.
  2. Utilize the file explorer window to find the file you want to open.
  3. To open the file, click.

Follow these steps to export it as a DWG file:

  1. Open File, then select Export.
  2. Give the file name and choose a location for it.
  3. From the pop-up menu, choose the DWG format under Save As Type (Windows) or Format (MacOS).
  4. On Windows, click Save or Export (macOS).

Make sure your receiver can open the file because versioning may cause problems.

Who may use DWG files?

DWG files are used by CAD experts from a range of fields, such as designers, engineers, and architects. AutoCAD is available in many specialized versions that serve particular markets. For example, AutoCAD Electrical is used to design control systems, AutoCAD Map 3D is utilized for mapping geographic information systems (GIS), and so on. 

Conversion of a DWG File

DWG files can be converted to various formats using several programs, such as Autodesk AutoCAD, CorelCAD, and Adobe Illustrator.

For example, Autodesk AutoCAD can convert DWG files into a variety of file types, such as the following formats:

. DWF – Design Web Format

. DXX – AutoCAD Drawing Interchange Attribute

. DWFX – Design Web Format XPS

. DGN – MicroStation Design

. SAT – ACIS SAT 3D Model

. STL – Stereolithography File

. EPS – Encapsulated PostScript

. BMP – Bitmap Image

. IGES, .IGS – IGES Drawing

. WMF – Windows Metafile

How to Open DWG File in SelfCAD?

Someone working on SelfCAD: Image Source: manufactur3dmag

Just like a free DWG viewer, SelfCAD offers more features. It is equipped with the necessary capabilities for professional users who need tools for collaboration and version control. SelfCAD functions entirely online, just like the other options and it’s best alternative to AutoCAD.

Step 1: SelfCAD makes it easy to open a file.

Step 2: Select “Create” while the web app is open.

Step 3: Select “Import files” from the drop-down menu.

Step 4: Choose the file, then upload it.

Step 5: To view your DWG drawing, double-click on the file.

Just keep in mind that before you can access SelfCAD, you must create a free account and log in.

Price: Free

System of operation: N/A (browser-based)

Software: SelfCAD


You might not think the DWG file extension is significant, yet it is a crucial component of design software. Usually, this extension is used to save design files. This indicates that it is simple to open them with design programs like AutoCAD, A360 Viewer, etc. However, occasionally the file may be damaged and refuse to open in any program.

You will need to troubleshoot the file in such circumstances. Once you identify the problem with the file, you can correct it and open it without any issues.

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