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Double RSI and Chandelier Indicator Trading Strategy

This article will show you a highly profitable Forex and Crypto trading strategy. The strategy has the highest win rate, and traders make huge profits using this strategy. The strategy requires Chandelier and the Double RSI indicators. I will explain all the points to fix the errors and increase the odds of winning to almost 100%.  You can use this strategy on any chart and make highly profitable trades.

The Chandelier Indicator

For this strategy, we will use the trading view charts. First, you will change the candlesticks to Heikin and then add the Chandelier Indicator. Many people use the Chandelier indicator without changing the settings, producing false signals. We will change the settings of this indicator to better filter out the false signals. 

The timeframe is set on the following Gold chart to 4 hours, and the indicator is applied with the default setting. You can see we have multiple buy and sell signals. However, many signals are fake, and that’s because the chart timeframe is set to 4 hours, and the indicator is applied with default settings. 

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We can remove the false signals by making a few changes to the Chandelier indicator. To change the indicator settings, you can click on the settings window and uncheck or disable all options except “Buy Lable” and Sell Label” and set these labels to appear below and above the bar. 

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Now from the input section of the indicator, you need to change the ATR period value to 1 and the ATR Multiplier to 1.85, as shown in the following chart.

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Remember! in this strategy, we always follow the trend. So, you don’t trade if you get a sell signal in an uptrend. Likewise, you won’t trade if you get a buy signal in a downtrend. In this strategy will also use a second indicator which is Double RSI indicator to confirm the signal. Based on the strategy, both indicators should produce the same signal to place a trade. For instance, if you have a buy or a sell signal from the Chandelier Indicator, but the Double RSI does not confirm the signal, you will not take that trade. This way, we will eliminate the false trade signal and make our strategy almost 100% successful. 

Double RSI Indicator

So to apply the indicator, you will go to the indicator section again and add 2 RSI to the chart. The RSI period of both hands will be 25 and 100. You can also change the color for the 25-period RSI to yellow and the period RSI to blue. We change these colors for better visual representation, and you can set the colors of your choice. However, make sure the periods are set to 25 and 100. 

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Now, you will put these two RSI indicators together. To do that, you will click on the three dots, and from the move to option, you will select the axis pane below.  Now, you will again connect the three dots and change the scale by choosing the pi to scale Z. Our Double RSI indicator is ready, and we can eliminate the false signals. 

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We will look for a crossover of the two RSI lines to get confirmation from the Double RSI indicator. A buy signal will be confirmed when the short period RSI, or the yellow RSI line, crosses the more extended period RSI from bottom to top. Likewise, a sell signal will be confirmed when the short period RSI, or the yellow line, crosses the 100-period RSI from top to bottom. 

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Remember! If we do not get a second confirmation from the double RSI, the Chandelier Indicator signal will not be confirmed, and we will not take the trade.

Filter Out Fake Trade Signals

Let me show you how the Double RSI filters out the false signals and makes our strategy nearly 100% successful. In the following chart, we have a sell signal. Now, we need a second confirmation from the double RSI indicator, and for that, the short period or the yellow RSI line must cross the blue RSI line from top to bottom. But around the same time when Chandelier Indicator gave the sell signal, the RSI lines did not have a crossover. The yellow RSI line was already under the blue line. So the second signal was not confirmed, and you can see that the price also started to rise. 

Forex Signals Provider 6

Now let’s also see how the Double RSI indicator helps to filter out the false signal for the buy signals. The following chart shows a buy signal from the Chandelier Indicator. Now we need a second confirmation from the Double RSI indicator, and for that, the short period, or the yellow RSI line, must cross the blue RSI line from the bottom. However, when the Chandelier indicator gave the buy signal around the same time, the two RSI lines did not crossover. Therefore, the double RSI indicator alerted us about a false trade signal, and the price significantly dropped. 

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This strategy is truly unique. By changing the indicator settings and introducing the Double RSI indicator, we have increased the winning chances to almost 100%.

The strategy is equally ideal for new and experienced traders. However, for the new traders, Forex trading signals may also help, and they may sign up for a reliable Forex trading signal provider until they master a trading strategy. Have a Nice Day!

Uneeb Khan
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