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Does Outlook for Mac use PST files?

In this post, we have shared the way to use PST files in Outlook for Mac. So, keep reading this post to know the reliable process by using OLM to PST Converter.

Outlook provides both platforms to access mailbox data on Mac and windows. Both platforms are similar to each other but the difference comes between their file format to store mailbox data. On Mac, OLM format is used to contain mailbox data while PST used on windows to contain mailbox data.

Reason to Export PST files from Outlook for Mac.

  • Sometimes, users receive an OLM file from their customer and want to access it on their own Outlook profile.
  • When users want to migrate from Mac to Windows but want to keep continuing with Outlook.
  • If a user wants to share Outlook Mac data with co-workers but they are still using Windows Outlook.

How to Export PST files from Outlook for Mac Manually?

If you have available both Mac and windows machine then you can proceed manually as we have shared below:

  • Run Outlook for Mac then go to the file.
  • After that, Click on Add Account and configure IMAP Account.
  • Now, choose mailbox data and transfer to IMAP Account.
  • Configured the same IMAP account with Outlook for windows.
  • Now, transfer mailbox data from IMAP to Windows.

Why Should Experts Always Suggest to Avoid Manual Solution?

  • It will consume lots of time and be a very lengthy process.
  • Users must have strong technical knowledge to handle this process.
  • During configuration, there is a high possibility of data loss.

How to Export PST files from Outlook for Mac Via Automated Solution?

As manual solutions have a high risk of data loss. So, we recommend you to choose SysTools OLM Converter is an excellent solution and allows you to convert single or multiple OLM files with a maintained mailbox data structure. This wizard is very specially designed with advanced coding to get accurate output without losing any bit of information.

  • Download and run tools on your windows pc.
  • After that, choose Outlook OLM file and add it into the software interface.
  • Now, choose the PST file in the list of export types.
  • Finally, set the result location and press export to get output quickly.

Benefits of Using Automated Solution

  • It preserved mailbox data integrity the same as before the conversion. Also, PST File Converter offers strong security to prevent changes during the process.
  • This tool is very simple to handle by all types of technical and individual users.
  • You can also import OLM to Windows Outlook.
  • With this tool, you can also convert specific mailbox data as per needed and also helpful to skip unnecessary files.
  • There is no need to download any other tool to complete the process.


In this guide, we have shared the way to export PST files from Outlook for Mac. As manual solutions have lots of limitations and are not a reliable choice for beginner and professional users. So, we recommend you to opt for an automated solution to complete the process without taking any single risk with your mailbox data.

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