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Do the Aconcagua Mountain in 12 Days

The standard Aconcagua ascent schedule lasts around two weeks. However, a more condensed 12-day version exists. This program has a much shorter time to get used to the altitude. As a result, the mountain is much less forgiving of bad planning and fitness.

The standard route up to Aconcagua is longer than this one. The objective is to reach the peak and return via the standard route in under a week. This climb is problematic not because it is technically challenging but because it is at a high altitude, and the weather could be bad.

You’ll find a detailed itinerary, with times and locations, at the end of this description.

·        Day 1: Mendoza – Penitentes

We will get our climbing permits in Mendoza city and then head to Penitentes (2,700 m).

We’ll follow the Mendoza River valley to our Aconcagua mountain guide hotel. When we get to this point, we’ll start to feel the famous mountain air that the Aconcagua sends out. We will prepare the equipment for the mules’ journey afterward. The day before the excursion’s commencement, the mules’ gear must be delivered.

·        Day 2: Laguna de Horcones – Confluencia

Staying the night in Penitentes, we’ll take a shuttle to the park’s entrance at Laguna de Horcones for our first glimpse of the peak. We need to show the permits to the park rangers and then the Aconcagua hike for four or five hours to reach Confluencia, where we will be camping (3,400 m).

·        Day 3: Playa Ancha – Cuesta Brava – Plaza de Mulas camp

We will spend the next 8–9 hours hiking across the “Playa Ancha” and up the “Cuesta Brava” to the largest campsite in the Aconcagua Provincial Park at 4,200 meters.

Due to the limited time available, we will not be doing the Aconcagua hike to the south-face viewpoint of Aconcagua on this itinerary.

·        Day 4: Day of rest

At the camp base, it’s a day off. The day before the biggest problem is the best time to answer any questions you have and train the team on any necessary concerns.

·        Day 5: Camp 2: Nido de Condores

The long-awaited climb of Aconcagua will begin soon. Camp 2, aptly named “Nest of Condors,” is located at an elevation of 5,400 meters and offers a stunning view of the surrounding peaks.

Using the porters, we will also relocate the tents and camping gear. Climbers should split up group gear and bring what they need, including their gear.

·        Day 6: Rest day before the big goal

It’s a day of recovery before the big fight. It’s crucial to recharge your batteries after a long day so you can make it through the program’s toughest sections. The human body can go no more than 5,500 meters above sea level to relax and regain strength.

·        Day 7: Colera – Camp 3

Starting today, we’ll trek the four hours to Cholera, a village in the north (5,950 m). When comparing the traditional route and the Polish traverse, Camp 3 is the first point of overlap. Here, all there is to do is relax and wait. The next day calls for our maximum effort. We will be traveling a total of 1000 meters in altitude change the following day.

·        Day 8: Summit day!

It is our hardest and most important day of the Aconcagua treks. By the North edge, we’ll reach Independencia Hut at 6,500 m. Then, we’ll ascend the “Portezuelo Del Viento,” “La Canaleta,” and “Filo Del Guanaco” to reach the peak.

A 360° vista and a sense of personal success await us at the peak. Being at 6962 meters, the continent’s highest peak, is a dream. Never forget that we’re just halfway there. We must drop. We’ll descend to Camp 3—Colera (5,950 m).

·        Day 9: Camp 3 – Base Camp

We’ll head back to base camp from Camp 3 feeling good about what we accomplished (Plaza de Mulas at 4,200 meters). To mark the occasion, we plan to have a wonderful meal together.

·        Day 10: Quebrada de Horcones – Transfer to Mendoza city

We go down the Quebrada de Horcones! As we make our way down, we’ll be reunited with the more vibrant environment that bids farewell to the birds and lagoons.

·        Day 11 to 12: Extra days

These days are reserved for unforeseen emergencies that may arise during the adventure.

·        Day 13: Ending point

The program concludes with a hotel breakfast.

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