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Difference Between Acute and Chronic Disease

A few ailments appear unexpectedly and stay for a few days. These are known as acute illnesses. Acute diseases can happen throughout all body systems. For example, an asthma attack is acute, which afterward diverts chronic.

Acute disease directs to a sickness that has a prompt start and stays for a short period. Similarly, an acute disease is usually not life-threatening. In contrast, chronic illness grows quite slowly, which is the main distinction between acute and chronic conditions. The common cold, flu, strep throat, pneumonia, and asthma attacks are examples of acute diseases.

Research shows that an acute sickness usually arrives abruptly and is analyzed by a healthcare provider. Following diagnosis, there is a procedure of treatment to be observed and a time of recovery. If all moves nicely, the person replaces standard fitness. Acute diseases usually pursue this course. 

In these circumstances, the healthcare provider understands what step to take to treat the ailment. Acute diseases that affect someone for short time. For instance, typhoid, cold, cough, etc. Acute diseases commonly do not lead to failure of weight, but in chronic disease, there is continually a weight loss.

There are resemblances and dissimilarities between acute and chronic diseases. Acute illnesses are usually separated into one bodily area and react to treatment. Acute diseases of the kidney such as Acute Kidney Failure require the intervention of a Nephrologist in Karachi.


Acute situations are usually caused by a virus or an infection but can also be caused by the misuse of drugs or medications. An accidental injury is also included in an acute cause.


These common symptoms are found in acute disease:

  • Fever.
  • Sneezing
  • Sore throat.
  • Cough.
  • Runny nose.
  • Diarrhea.

Treatments and preventions:

Some are severely ill or self-limiting and resolve spontaneously over time. These acute diseases can be cured with a simple method of antibiotics or further pharmaceutical medications. 

You can stay safe from this disease by the following precautions: 

  1. Handle Food Safely
  2. Wash Hands
  3. Don’t Share Personal Items
  4. Get Vaccinated
  5. Avoid Touching Animals
  6. Stay Home during Sickness

Chronic disease:

The illnesses that appear over some time and stay longer, or actually for a lifetime are called chronic ailments. Typically, if a disease stays for more than three years it is named chronic disease. Originally, the signs are very temperate. A chronic disease moves gradually and hurts the body harshly, stays for a long period and is described as a chronic disease. It might occasionally be fatal.

A sickness or situation that usually lasts for 3 months or longer and may get more harmful over time. Chronic diseases tend to appear in older adults and can usually be handled but not remedied. The most familiar sorts of chronic diseases are cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and arthritis.

Risk factors and causes:

The risk elements involved in such illnesses may be age, gender, an unwell lifestyle, etc. A chronic sickness may or may not be remedied by drugs. It cannot be controlled by vaccines as well. Hypertension, arthritis, diabetes mellitus, and psoriasis are some of the chronic illnesses.

However, chronic sickness can be prevented by:

  • Bodily activity
  • Nutritious diet
  • Giving up on smoking
  • Handling alcohol consumption

A chronic illness is extremely stressful, and the pressure blocks and holds your recovery. Chronic diseases often have numerous causes. For example, inheritance can play a role, as can lifestyle choices such as smoking, lack of exercise, and unwell eating routines. Environmental elements, such as secondary smoke or air pollution, may also add to the chronic disease. 


Chronic diseases include disease-specific symptoms but may also bring hidden symptoms like hurt, tiredness, and attitude disturbances. Pain and exhaustion may become frequent factors of your day. Along with your disease, you probably have specific things you keep to do to take care of yourself, like take the drug or do exercises.

Preventions and treatments:

We understand that most chronic illnesses can be controlled by:

  1. Acquiring routine physical activity
  2. Avoiding sipping too much Alcohol and tobacco
  3. Changing extensive lifestyle
  4. Obtaining enough sleep
  5. Consuming well

Chronic sickness is treated in numerous forms, including surgery, physical therapy, psychological treatment, and radiotherapy. Nevertheless, one of the multiple common remedy conditions is medication use. Chronic illnesses can be successfully treated, and their symbols can be decreased by holistic care at Chinar International Hospital.

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