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Detailed explanation of the exam steps for CCNA certification

CISCO’s vocational qualification certificate CCNA has always had the reputation of “through train to high salary”. Although CCNA is not as popular as in previous years due to various reasons in China, its gold content is still valued by many employers. It is said that as long as you have a valid CCNA certificate (it is valid for three years), the employer will definitely focus on the investigation, and the probability of success will naturally be much higher. However, more people do not know CCNA at all, or only understand a little bit of it, especially the part about the exam, which is what everyone cares about. The following content is to tell you the specific situation of the exam.

1. Questionnaire

The test system is VUE. The content of the questionnaire at the beginning is slightly different, but don’t worry, it is relatively safe to choose B in a unified way. After choosing one, click NEXT until END. Because option B usually indicates that the test taker is of average level, the selected test questions are not too difficult.

Note: One of the surveys asks if you are over 18 years old. Be sure to select 18 years old. The last survey is to ask if you agree with the CISCO agreement. You must choose “Agree”. If you choose “Disagree”, then you don’t need to take the exam. You don’t even agree to the CISCO agreement, so what else do you need to test? To retake the exam, you must pay the exam cost again and re-register for the exam.

After the agreement, click the END option in the lower right corner of the questionnaire page, and the test system will automatically start extracting questions from the server. The questions have been downloaded from Australia by the test center one day and temporarily stored in the server. After a few seconds, the selection of the questions is completed, and candidates can click START to start the official test.

2.The official exam

People who take the same subject at the same test center on the same day will generally not change the subject very much on that day. During the test, marking and going back are not allowed. Once you click NEXT, you cannot go back to the previous question to modify. The questions are 55-65 questions, the test time is 120 minutes, and the full score is 1000. If you get 849 points, you will pass the test. There is plenty of time for the exam, and people who take the exam for the first time may be nervous. In fact, as long as you prepare well, the exam time is still enough, and you can rest assured.

Most of the questions are objective multiple-choice questions, single-choice or multiple-choice, generally choose a few with prompts, or tell you to choose all the answers that you think are correct. Next is the lab question, such as letting you use the relevant commands to make the network connected, first show run on each router to check whether the command is complete. Don’t forget to copy after you’re done, and then use ping to check.

There may also be crashes <a href=”https://cciedump.spoto.net/200-301-certificates.php”> during the exam</a>, don’t be nervous, tell the invigilator quickly, they will solve it. Restart and continue to do the questions, the results of the questions you did before still exist, but the questions you were working on at the time of the crash may not be saved. Be sure to check carefully, and then choose NEXT to continue. After completing all the questions, choose END EXAM to jump out of the test paper.

The exam is over, and the exciting time has come! You will see the exam results immediately, showing a green bar, congratulations! YouPassed the exam!

When you walk out of the exam room, the examiner is printing your transcript and stamping it with a stamp. Transcripts should be kept well, with your ID number, scores and test status of each part of the test center, as well as the website and related information when registering in the future.

3. Post-exam registration

Within ten days of <a href=”https://cciedump.spoto.net/200-301-certificates.php”> passing the exam</a>, please register your personal information on the Cisco website. 

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